Choosing Proper Office Chair Carpet Protector for Your Office

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best carpet protector for office chairSince an office carpet is designed for heavy traffic, it’s normally made of a rugged fabric resistant to harsh wear and tear. However, in some areas, the surface is used more intensively leading to premature spoilage which means these places require additional protection such as installing additional mats in overcrowded areas or putting some office chair carpet protectors to prevent office furniture directly impacting the carpet fabrics.

While regular cleaning to remove dust and soils, as well as proper maintenance, is an absolute must if you want to keep your office carpeting in good shape for a longer period, some additional protection for excessively used areas such as the lobby, corridors, and refreshment room will surely add to your office flooring longevity.

The carpeting for your office is never a cheap investment for many good reasons. As a part of your office interior, it has to make that valuable first impression on your visitors as well as provide a comfortable atmosphere for your employees who walk on it every day. However, even if a couple of worn spots show up, the overall image of your office will significantly suffer.

Although the cost of maintaining the commercial carpet in an office may seem a bit too high for many office owners, it will probably save their companies much more considerable amounts as opposed to frequent carpet replacements.

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  1. Should you buy an office carpet protector?
  2. Useful tips on protecting carpet from your chair
  3. Comparison chart of best carpet chair mats
  4. Detailed review of best carpet chair mats
  5. In conclusion

Should You Buy an Office Chair Carpet Protector?

Installing additional protection to office carpeting depends on various factors. When considering whether you should buy chair mats to protect your office carpet, be sure to pay attention to the following factors:

  • The frequency of chair removals.
    It has been statistically proven that average office workers move or reposition their chairs more than 300 times a day. While most of the modern office chairs are equipped with durable casters allowing for easy motion on all surfaces, some employees may even roll on their chairs from one desk to another without standing up.
  • The wheel caster pressure.
    If you do some small calculations, you will quickly find out that your weight placed on an office chair is impacting the carpet surface more severely than while you’re walking or standing on your feet. This happens due to the fact that the wheel casters surface area distributing your whole bodyweight is much smaller than the bottom of your footwear. As a result, the tension on the carpet surface increases causing rips and break-downs.
  • Additional mud and dust protection.
    When covered with an office chair carpet protector, your carpet is additionally protected against mud and dust building up in it. Not only does this mean less vacuuming and cleaning, but is also ensuring better longevity and enhanced durability for the carpeting.

Protecting Carpet from Your Chair: Useful Tips

While many business owners rightfully believe installing carpets in their offices may be less costly than maintaining expensive wood or laminated surfaces, choosing the right type of carpet protection desk chair mats requires some good knowledge of minor details and nuances. When picking carpet protectors for your office, keep the following in mind:

  • The size of the mat.
    The roll area may vary in different workers depending on the amount of space around and/or within their workstation. Although many offices have standard workstations for their staff, some workers might have odd working environment requiring an individual approach to their carpet area protection.
  • The shape of the mat.
    Since there are plenty of forms available on the market, getting a mat that would fit the carpet area you want to protect should not be a big problem. The best rule to follow is to use the office chair carpet protector that would cover as much of the ‘endangered’ carpet space as possible.
  • Transparent vs. color mat.
    If your workstation is exposed to direct sunlight, consider buying transparent carpet mats in order to level out the fading of the carpet color in both unprotected and covered areas. This may help you avoid faded spots which will be especially noticeable if you decide to rearrange your office furnishing one day.

Comparison chart of best carpet chair mats

Material typePriceRating
Floortex Ultimat (118927ER)47 x 35 inchesPolycarbonate$$$4.7
Floortex 47 x 35 InchesPOLYCARBONATE$$4.6
Flash Furniture MAT-CM11113FD-GG 48 x 36 inchesVinyl$4.6
Floortex (PF119225EV)48 x 38 inchesCleated$4.5
Ecotex Evolutionmat 48 x 36 inchesENHANCED POLYMER$$$4.5
ES Robbins53 x 45 inchesVinyl$$$4.4
Office Marshal®48 x 30 inchesVinyl PVC$4.3
OttomansonAvailable in sizes 26 inches by 6, 10, 12 Plastic$4.1
Office Marshal® Eco30 x 48 inchespolypropylene$4.1
Office Marshal® Premium36 x 48 inchesPVC Vinyl $4.1

Carpet Chair Mats: Product Reviews

Floortex Ultimate Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Buy on Amazon

This very sturdy carpet chair mat for low/medium carpets features a polycarbonate carpet protector with some great characteristics. Due to its durable form and back gripper profile, it has no issues with any dimpling, sliding, or curling.

For your convenience it is available in two styles (rectangular and rectangular with the lip) as well as in three different sizes (47’’x35’’, 48’’x53’’, and 48’’x60’’). It provides plain protection to your home or office carpet and is made clear to let your carpet interior show through. This mat has been designed to be installed alone for the slimmest complete protection against foot traffic. The top surface is not textured; however, it features slight pimples to prevent slipping.

Flash Furniture MAT-CM11113FD

Buy on Amazon

This office chair carpet protector comes in a rectangular with the lip profile and has been designed for low carpets. It is really thin and will stay practically unnoticed while your carpet will be safely guarded by the reliable clear vinyl. Since the model is transparent, your office interior won’t be seriously affected.

To prevent curling and slippage, the tiny spikes are installed on the back side of the mat. With the low profile and lightweight protection against heavy traffic and office furniture elements, this great carpet protector comes at a competitive price as well.

Floortex Advantagemat

Buy on Amazon

The damage that can be done by chair caster wear and tear can be easily prevented due to this optimal performance and high durability floor mat. It features a perfect solution for both hard floors and thin carpets and can fit home or office use. This original item is made from unique Floortex polycarbonate and is a perfect office chair carpet protector since it is incredibly durable and provides great protection against caster wheels and excessive foot traffic.

The mat comes in four different user-friendly sizes for added flexibility and ergonomics. Its material contains no harmful elements such as lead or tin which makes it 100% ecological. Although it is comparatively thin, it does not curl and sits firmly on any sort of surface.

Ecotex Evolutionmat

Buy on Amazon

If you are an office administrator who has to buy multiple chair mats at one time, you might want to consider this great model from Ecotex for plenty of good reasons. Not only will it provide solid and durable protection to your beautiful office carpeting, it will also allow for multiple uses due to a wide selection of sizes and styles.

Moving the chairs around an office as well as rearranging the furniture may result in plenty of injuries to your carpeting. The Ecotex Evolutionmat can offer a quick and a fairly-priced solution to almost every office flooring.

ES Robbins Ever Life

Buy on Amazon

This great office chair carpet protector is great for protecting your floors and making you rolling around easier. While it has been designed to mainly protect hard floors, it can also be used for thin carpets preventing dust and dirt building within the fabrics.

Since the wheel casters of a chair rolling back and forth can cause the thin carpet exfoliate, the ES Robbins mat for heavy use will evenly distribute the weight of your chair to prevent this process. From now on, the chair casters will have little impact on the bottom layer of your carpeting preventing it from premature delamination.

Office Marshal Chair Mat

Buy on Amazon

Made from 100% recycled PVC, this mat will protect any floor covering from cosmetic damage and basic wear and tear. To provide stability on carpeted surfaces, the mat is equipped with specially designed pins while its top surface is textured for better grip.

These mats also come in a range of sizes and dimensions to suit most office desk areas. If you’re looking for the perfect office chair carpet protector for your office, the Office Marshal is the right choice as one of the bestsellers in its category offering an excellent value for money.

Ottomanson Multi Grip Ribbed Clear Runner Rug 

Buy on Amazon

This durable waterproof clear runner rug is a perfect carpet protector for areas with heavy traffic like corridors, lobbies, and so on. For your comfort, this stain and odor resistant mat comes in three different sizes (26’’x6, 26’’x10’, and 26’’x12’) and is made of long-lasting and easy-to-maintain material.

To provide a firm grip, its back side is equipped with multiple spikes. Since it is made from flexible plastic, it can always be easily rolled when the carpeting needs to be vacuum cleaned.

In Conclusion

A good office chair mat is a traditional mat made of PVC to keep your carpets clean and tidy. It’s a great value for your money since it helps to keep your expensive carpeting in fairly good condition for years as well as can save you considerable amounts on less frequent clean-ups.

To help you make a better buying decision on office chair carpet protector, be sure to thoughtfully explore the needs of your office and your staff. Consider the type of the office furniture you use and think of the possible future space rearrangements. Along with these carpet protectors do not forget to look at best office chair back supports to help you feel comfortable while working.

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