Top 7 Executive Office Chairs

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Handy Hints for Shopping for the Best Executive Office Chair

The organization of your working space is a vital issue because that’s where you spend most of your working time. When planning the design and furniture for your office, one of the most important elements is the executive office chair. It’s something you should not save money on because a bad choice will undoubtedly result in your weariness and reduce productivity.

It’s a well-known fact that sitting all day long isn’t good for a human’s health. The benefit of a perfect chair is that it’s capable of diminishing this harmful effect. Yet, the problem may be that today’s market provides too many options to choose from, which can make the process of shopping stressful. This simple guide will help you in searching for the best executive office chair.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best executive office chair
  2. Independent review of best executive office chair
  3. Characteristics of best executive office chair
  4. In conclusion

Comparison List of the Top 7 Best Executive Office Chairs

PictureNameSeat heightWeight capacityPriceRating
AmazonBasics15 - 20 inches250 Lbs$$$4.8
La-Z-Boy 45783Not listed250 Lbs$$$$4.7
BestOffice19 - 23 inches250 Lbs$$4.6
Serta 4350618.75 inches350 Lbs$$$$4.6
Serta 4367018 inches250 Lbs$$4.5
AmazonBasics Mid-Back16 - 21 inches225 Lbs$$4.5
Boss Office Products20 - 23.5 inches250 Lbs$$$4.4
VIVA OFFICE Viva0468L119.7 - 22 inches250 Lbs$$$4.3
Serta 43807Not listedNot listed$$$$4.1
La-Z-Boy 4577921 - 25 inches250 Lbs$$$$4.0

Independent Review of the Top Best Executive Office Chairs

1. High-Back Executive Chair by AmazonBasics

high back executive office chairs

This high-back best executive office chair is definitely worthy of taking the first place as it perfectly combines all the necessary features you may look for. The pneumatic control handle ensures settings of all the parameters, so you can easily adjust it for personal needs. The padding on the back and armrests is covered with bonded leather and PVC upholstery, which makes the chair highly comfortable to sit in. Additionally, its great design makes this piece of furniture ideal in any office interior and speaks for your executive position.

According to the reviews, this chair provides great quality for its price. People agree that the material is of high grade and looks richer than it actually is.  It’s also extremely effortless to assemble – it takes little time and no tools at all as they are included in the packaging.

Check out the price and specifications of this AmazonBasics product.

2. High-Back Leather Executive Office Chair by BestOffice

leather executive office chairs

This is one of the best executive office chairs for those who are looking for true comfort and durability. If you need a stable support for your spine all day long, you can lock the backrest in an upright position. Otherwise, it will lean back and let you recline at an angle. The 360 degree swivel and plastic casters allow for easy rolling around, which is important if your day implies multitasking and moving through the office. Besides, this item possesses water and oil resistance, which can prolong its serving period.

The majority of reviewers say that one of the biggest advantages of this chair is that the material looks and feels like a premium material although it’s made of leatherette, not a genuine leather. Its soft padded seat draws a lot of compliments too as it makes your sitting utterly comfortable. This is an excellent purchase for a decent price. Its also one of best office chairs for back support.

Look here for further details and the Amazon price.

3. Serta Executive Big&Tall Office Chair 43506

big and tall executive office chairs

This chair is perfectly made for big and tall people. It’s rated for up to 300 pounds, which is actually a rare offer at the market today. This model offers everything one can expect from an office chair in terms of quality and convenience. Padded armrests afford a lot of comfort to the forearm and wrist, while the adjustable lumbar mechanism helps to support your lower back throughout your day. Also, the tilt control enables you to either sit straight or change the angle to lean back. This is a really solid and sturdy product, which can survive long-term use. In addition, the chair looks attractive and stylish due to its leather upholstery, which will make you feel like a real boss when sitting in it.

Based on customer feedback, it’s easy to define that this product by Serta is fairly durable and efficient. The casters seem to be rather strong, which allows for the chair’s smooth rolling along the floor and its generally high mobility.

To find out more about the Serta 43506 and see its price, check Amazon.

4. Serta Executive Office Chair 43670

serta executive office chairs

If you value high comfort and quality and are ready to pay the price for it, this product by Serta is your ideal choice and one of the best executive office chairs. Its special features are an extremely convenient headrest and supple cushions for your ultimate relaxation whilst working. Also, it provides a helpful lumbar support for your lower back, which ensures that you feel confident and relaxed all day. This is a heavy-duty product and it will certainly be great for everyday use. Besides, the chair is covered with a soft and warm microfiber that promises to be long-lasting. Its ergonomic design makes it a highly desirable product for any office.

According to the reviews, Serta Executive Office Chair is so popular due to having that very convenient waterfall edge of the seat, which allows for eliminating the tension in a person’s legs. People also like that the dual wheel casters ensure facile mobility along any kind of surface.

Take a look at the detailed list of specifications and price for the Serta 43670.

5. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

good executive office chairs

This product made by AmazonBasics is a decent choice for a comparatively low price. If you aren’t a tall person, this variant will be excellent for you. It’s solidly built – the base is made of quality materials and the wheels are really strong and can glide smoothly. Due to the realistic texture, the supple and soft upholstery looks like real leather and helps create a pleasant presentable impression on your partners, colleagues and employees. Moreover, the soft cushion will make you feel comfortable enough and ready for a productive working day. If you care for the chair properly, it will serve you for many years.

The reviews for this item are full of praise for the customization of all the options. An elevation gear allows you to control the settings for the height of the seat. The handle underneath the chair seat ensures a very simple regulation process. Its reclining function is adjustable too.

Check out the product characteristics and the price for this AmazonBasics office chair.

6. Executive LeatherPlus Chair by Boss

comfortable executive office chairs

Boss Executive LeatherPlus Chair is an excellent choice for those who value ergonomics and efficiency and hence we have included it in our list of best executive office chairs. It provides adjustable mechanisms for personal control of the seat height and backrest tilt. You will be absolutely satisfied with the perfect balance of every single feature needed that this executive chair has – its construction is utterly strong and durable whilst the upholstery is upscale and elegant. Additionally, this item can make a great combination with all the other pieces of furniture in your office due to its versatile style and classic black and grey coloring. Also, its no tools required assembly would be very easy and quick for you. It’s definitely a great deal for the price.

The majority of customers give positive feedbacks for this chair. People find it exceptionally comfortable as it has lumbar support and a padded back and armrests. The form of the seat helps to improve the circulation and lessen the weariness of the body, which is a great benefit.

Look at the Amazon price for this executive leather chair and see more details.

7. Viva Luxury High Back Bonded Leather Chair – Viva0468L1

best executive office chairs

This wonderful item by Viva Office deserves its place among the best executive office chairs as a truly luxury-level product. Made of the highest quality, it has a soft and thick padding, which guarantees you the ultimate comfort within a day. The chair also has a well-built nylon base and a set of strong flexible nylon casters, which speaks for its durability. It’s not only the height of the seat and the angle of reclining which are adjustable, but also the armrests. The headrest and backrest cushions are extremely supple and are covered with bonded leather upholstery that look prestigious and will surely serve you for years. This is an excellent offer for a person in an executive position.

The reviewers agree that this chair is worth every dollar, as it doesn’t just look like luxury, it is actually luxurious. Its elegance and sophisticated appearance make it one of the most popular items for the executive office. This chair is also in our list of big and tall office chairs.

To learn more about the Viva0468L1 and its price, check Amazon.

Executive Office Chair: Main Characteristics to Take into Account

There are three key factors that you should keep in mind when looking for the ideal and best executive office chairs:

  • This is the principal feature your chair should possess. Your spine needs permanent support as you’re sitting in the same position for a long time, so the backrest must be naturally bent just like your back is. The seat has to be soft and wide enough for you to feel relaxed and avoid any tension in the body. Only be careful not to fall asleep in such comfort.
  • You should be able to adjust the chair for your personal needs. If you check the product details, you can see whether it will be possible to raise or lower the seat and regulate the tilt.
  • Before making a decision for the most comfortable and adjustable executive office chair, you have to think of its general quality and define whether it may be serviceable for a long time. Pay attention to the upholstery and the materials it’s made of. The presentable look of the chair is related to its durability as well, so don’t choose expensive upholstery such as leather if you’re not sure you can provide the appropriate care for it.

In Conclusion

It’s quite obvious that every product is designed for different needs and has its own peculiar features. That’s why, before starting to look for an executive office chair for yourself, first you have to define what your requirements and special needs are. Make sure that the item you find interesting can also fulfil your conditions. That is particularly important for people with health problems such as chronic lower back, shoulder joint or neck pains.

After you’ve made your choice and have received your purchase, be sure to carefully study all the instructions and manuals attached. Regardless of the brand and model of your executive office chair, it’s essential to take the time to provide proper care for it if you want it to serve you for a long time.

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