Top 6 Best Kneeling Office Chairs

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Kneeling office chairs are indispensable for those who spend hours sitting at a desk and, consequently, suffer from back pain. The effect of such a chair is that it distributes your weight so that it is mostly supported by the shins, allowing you to sit straight and use your back muscles.

Though many people aren’t aware of these useful products nowadays, they’re still plentiful on the market. If you feel you’ll probably need one, there are numerous options to choose from. They can be of different colors and materials, various upholstery and padding, with or without backrests, etc. However, not all of them will fit you, in spite of its bright ads and promises. Thus, you’d better think twice and examine each item closely, because your health is the first thing you should take care of. This guide will help you keep an open mind and choose the best kneeling office chair you’ll benefit from.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best kneeling office chair
  2. Detailed review of best kneeling office chair
  3. Kneeling office chair: pros and cons
  4. Conclusions: final tips for making the ultimate decision

Comparison List of Top 5 Best Kneeling Office Chairs

PictureNameWeight capacitySeat heightPriceRating
SLEEKFORM250 lbs21 - 28 inches$$$$5.0
Generic330 LBS$$$5.0
Office Star250 lbsNot listed$$$4.8
Flash Furniture200 lbs25 inches$$$$4.7
Boss B248250 lbs20 - 22 inches$$4.7
Flash Furniture WL-3439-GG250 lbs20 - 26 inches$$$$4.6
Office StarNot listedNot listed$$$$4.5
Flash Furniture WL-3425-GGNot listedNot listed$$$$4.4
Jazzy Kneeling ChairNot listed22 - 27 inches$$$4.2
My Friendly OfficeNot listed20 - 24 inches$$$4.0

Detailed Review of Top 5 Best Kneeling Office Chairs to Choose From

1. Work Smart Knee Chair

worksmart knee chair

The product is introduced by Office Star, which has great experience in the market and caters to the needs of office workers. This high-quality chair is firm and solid, but has an extremely soft memory foam, so that you won’t worry about hurting your knees. The casters make it easier to place yourself at a desk, but you shouldn’t forget about them while getting into the chair, because it may start rolling.

As far as adjustment features are concerned, reviewers claim the chair can be transformed in a way that will allow a 6 feet tall person to use it by changing the height of a seat. Moreover, few people took the trouble to assemble and adjust it. It may take some time to get used to it, but generally, this item is a good alternative to an ordinary office chair for those who are concerned with back or neck pains.

Check out the price and the product details on Amazon.

2. Mobile Wooden Kneeling Chair

mobile kneeling office chair

This is an excellent knee chair both for permanent use and for switching to from your normal chair. Its distinguishing characteristic is a wooden oak frame, which is stylish and sturdy. Moreover, you can choose between black and gray. As for the height, you can install it in one of three positions according to your stature.

The reviewers admit it’s one of the best office kneeling chairs available. Some complain of thin foams and pads, but tastes differ, and the majority believes that such good quality for a low price is a bargain. Another possible drawback you may encounter is that the seat angle changes when you alter the height, but mostly everyone has found a comfortable position, which relieves back pain and makes them sit straighter. If you like wooden furniture or it fits your style then you should turn to this mobile wooden kneeling chair.

Click here to find out more about the chair on Amazon.

3. Boss B248 Kneeling Stool

kneeling office chair

This chair is one of the best office kneeling chairs because its ergonomically framed and equipped with a fabric seat, a knee platform, and a pneumatic gas lift to change its height. The color of the pads and frame is black. It weighs more than the other products, probably due to a solid tubular steel frame. Besides, it doesn’t squeak, like some of the wooden chairs might.

Though some users didn’t like its appearance, Boss B248 Stool totally justifies its price. People who work a lot at their computers find it rather comfortable and unpretentious, they notice that their posture has improved and they don’t experience muscle tension anymore.

Have a look at the product details on Amazon.

4. Flash Furniture WL-3439-GG Kneeling Chair

comfortable kneeling office chairs

You’ll maintain your body’s natural posture with this ergonomically designed kneeling chair with a padded seat, as well as a back and knee rest. It’s rather durable because of its strong frame, which can also be adjusted to suit your height. You can change the seat angle as well to put more or less weight on your knees and shins.

However, the chair’s distinctive feature is its backrest. The problem is that almost everyone who has used it claims it’s useless. However, it can be easily detached. What’s more, the handles add to the comfort and many consider a chair without no casters to be safer. Nevertheless, if you’re not very tall and don’t have to navigate your working space without standing up, don’t hesitate to decide in its favor. It will also be handy if you feel you’ll need some back support. You’ll be able to remove the backrest later if you don’t like it.

Check out the price of WL-3439-GG on Amazon

5. Work Smart Knee Chair with Espresso Finished Wood

good kneeling office chairs

An exclusively designed kneeling office chair for an affordable price, the Work Smart Knee Chair goes wonderfully with dark furniture and is very stylish. It’s easy to assemble, since you receive it with a complete set of instruments. If you don’t need or don’t like moving around in it, you can remove the casters.

The main advantage of this chair is its thick and durable pads, which don’t shrink after some time like it often happens with other similar products. The drawback is insufficient sturdiness: some reviewers had issues with wheels falling out or wooden parts breaking. In addition, it’s rather hard to guess if it will fit your height unless you try sitting in it yourself because for many the chair was too high and not easily adjustable. Overall, we wouldn’t recommend buying this one due to its numerous negative reviews unless you’re mostly concerned with a comfortable foam.

Look for the Amazon price and further information here.

6. Flash Furniture WL-3425-GG Kneeling Task Chair

best kneeling office chairs

Another product by Flash Furniture, this knee chair has a black polypropylene curved mesh backrest, which is designed to allow better air circulation. Its black fabric seat and knee rest are thickly padded and you can regulate the height of the seat. Note that it is pretty heavy, but since it will be used either at home, in the office or at school, you won’t have to move it a lot. If you are specifically looking for mesh chairs then check out our list of best mesh office chairs.

The main problem customers encounter after ordering this chair is its assembly: the instructions are so bad that practically everyone complained about them in the reviews. However, many claim to have gotten rid of pain due to the product. Besides, many found a backrest rather helpful when you want to rest a bit from your work.

Click here to read more details about WL-3425-GG Knee Chair.

Kneeling Office Chairs: Pros and Cons

Only a properly chosen kneeling chair will improve your posture and relieve pain. That’s why it is important to consider all the advantages and drawbacks of such a chair before making a choice.


  1. It opens up the angle of your hips.
    In an ordinary chair, the angle is 90 degrees, but a kneeling chair increases it by 60 or 70 degrees. The result is that your spine is kept in alignment, you sit upright and the burden on your lower back is less.
  2. It doesn’t affect the knees.
    Despite many people being alarmed by the increased pressure on their knees, it won’t negatively affect your knees if the chair suits you. Your buttocks and shins will support your weight. This means you still can use the device if you have problems with your knees.
  3. It improves blood circulation.
    Your limbs move more, preventing blood congestion. Your diaphragm also moves efficiently, promoting better breathing. It has been even proven that using kneeling chairs helps you burn twice the amount of calories as sitting in a conventional chair.


  1. It’s mostly comfortable for short people.
    Tall users often complain they suffer from cramps. The reason is that it’s hard to find a chair suitable for long legs. As a result, the blood circulation in the legs is affected.
  2. It may be difficult to get in and out.
    Many people find it awkward to seat themselves and to balance in the chair. It’s necessary to remember how to sit properly all the time.
  3. It may hamper your moving around.
    When you’re still not used to getting into and out of your chair, you can face the problem of navigating your working space. If a chair doesn’t swivel, it may be even more difficult to reach for things, because you’re confined to one position all the time.

As you can see, each disadvantage can be outweighed by a benefit, so a comfortable kneeling chair is certainly worth trying out. Below you’ll find reviews of the best options available, but be sure you keep all the pros and cons in mind when making the ultimate decision.

Conclusions: Final Tips for Making the Ultimate Decision

As you’ve probably gathered, buying a kneeling office chair is a responsible decision which is likely to influence your health and work performance. However, if you’re an office worker or someone who spends hours at a desk, you should get it to maintain good back health and posture.

Remember that all these chairs will take some time to get used to. During the first few weeks or even months, you should alternate between your old office chair and the new one.

Some people are afraid to purchase knee chairs at first because they have wheels and may start moving, but don’t forget that the casters can be detached.

To sum up, we would recommend the Work Smart Knee Chair with Casters and Memory Foam as it is the favorite model among the reviewers and a middle ground option which is likely to suit people with different types of constitution. If you have specific preferences or requirements, choose any of the variants from those mentioned above, but keep our tips in mind. Also review our modern office chairs list here and few of our big and tall office chairs here.

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