Top 5 First-Class Modern Office Chairs

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Those who have never worked in the office may claim that it’s an easy job without any physical tension. However, this viewpoint is utterly wrong because sitting the whole day and performing the same actions repeatedly puts incredible strain on the muscles, especially if they are crooked in an uncomfortable chair. Fortunately, nowadays the market provides a great variety of modern office chairs of different types and quality. The problem is to pick up the best and the most suitable one for your purposes.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best modern office chairs
  2. Independent review of best modern office chairs
  3. Things to check when buying modern office chairs
  4. Popular types of modern office chairs
  5. To sum up

Comparison List of Top 5 First-Class Modern Office Chairs

PictureNameWeight capacitySeat heightPriceRating
TimeOfficeNot listedNot listed$$5.0
Flash FurnitureNot listed18 - 22 inches$$4.6
Boss Office Products250 Lbs18 - 21 inches$$$4.5
LexMod Not listedNot listed$$$4.5
Flash Furniture LF-214-WHITE-GG250 Lbs18 - 24 inches$4.4
2xhome250 Lbs17 - 22 inches$4.4
Poly and Bark Not listedNot listed$$4.4
Merax®Not listed18 - 22 inches$4.3
VIVA OFFICE High Back250 LbsNot listed$$$$4.2
Viva Office (Viva1189L1)250 LbsNot listed$$$$4.0

Independent Review of Top 5 First-Class Modern Office Chairs

1. Conference Chair by Flesh Furniture

modern office chair

The chair’s impressive elegant look is sure to stun your colleagues. Either in black or in white, it will look stylish in a conference hall and in your office. It has no armrests, so you can easily slide it underneath your desk. It has little padding, but it’s soft and comfortable. As to ergonomics, this modern office chair has a proper lumber support due to its curved back and a dual paddle control to adjust it to your specific needs. Plus, there is a hanger for your jacket on the back.

The reviewers don’t get tired of praising this product though some of them were upset by a non-adjustable seat, which made them feel they were going to fall out. Generally, the vast majority is completely satisfied with its good value for money, easy assembly and back support, which allows sitting in it for up to 10 hours!

Find out more about this conference chair on Amazon.

2. BOSS Modern Office Chair

good modern office chair

This exquisite chair is beautifully upholstered with a soft and nice material, which is rather durable and sustainable to stains. The pneumatic lift mechanism works efficiently and you can adjust the height and the backrest tilt as well. It supports your back well but doesn’t have armrests. The wheels move quietly and don’t tend to break or fall out, but if you want to preserve your carpet, you may also buy a special map for this chair.

The Boss Modern Office Chair goes in black, white and red, but those who ordered the white one admit it’s more of a creamy color, so keep that point in mind. The padding isn’t too thick, but comfortable enough. If it’s not soft for you, you may use an extra memory foam. Several people complained of difficulties with assembling the item, but, overall, it’s a hard-wearing product for everyday use.

Check out for Amazon price and more details.

3. LexMod Office Chair

best modern office chair

As the manufacturer describes it, this iconic modern office chair embraces the greatest designers’ achievements, providing a proper posture support and stylish appearance. It features a polished solid chrome frame and a high-quality adjustment mechanism, which allows to lean back and forth and to change the seat height. There’s also a tilt lock rod, which you may find useful. You can also navigate your working area due to its five-wheel base and a swivel option.

Many reviewers find it comfortable for different height and weight, but reliability is disputable. Since this chair is available in 4 colors, you can choose a perfect one to suit your design. The leather upholstery, though not genuine, is soft and easy to clean. Besides, some claim it’s a good replica of a famous and expensive model for a reasonable price.

Take a look at the LexMod chair on Amazon.

4. Flash Furniture LF-214-WHITE-GG Computer Task Chair

modern office chair nice

This completely modern office chair stands out from the rest due to its “tractor” molded seat and a set of 17 colors available. It assures a perfect spine alignment and proper support of the lumber area. Besides that, the special seat design allows free airflow. You will do justice to the manufacturers, because though the item looks delicate or even fragile, it’s a sturdy and durable product, which may serve multiple purposes in the office and at home. This chair won’t take much room, if that’s an issue.

The reviewers like the way the chair can be transformed by changing its height. Many got rid of back pains and leg cramps after using it. However, some encountered a problem of paint peeling on the edges after some time. It goes well with a computer desk and eventually proves to be a good buy for such a low price.

Click to examine more details on Amazon.

5. Merax Modern Office Desk Chair

merax modern office chair

This chair features a mesh reclining high back with an adjustable headrest, which allows you to lean on it or bend forward and receive a firm back support. A pneumatic seat height adjustment and a built-in lumbar support make the item a truly ergonomic chair. The arms also move and you can change their height. Like most other modern office chairs, it requires assembly, which is pretty easy because all the instruments and instructions go in a pack. Merax chair has a matted finish and is totally black and rather stylish.

Several reviewers complained of wheels working poorly on a thick carpet, but it’s hard to find any chair with casters to move smoothly on such a surface. The majority is surprised to find this product comfortable and nice because it’s downright cheap. The padding is thick, for some even too hard, and if to mention a sturdy metal construction, you’ll feel safe and steady while using it. This is also one of the best office chairs for back support.

Check out the price for Merax on Amazon.

Things to Check When Buying Modern Office Chairs

Your own requirements for an appropriate modern office chair may vary, but while selecting a new piece of furniture you should remember several general aspects:

When you sit, be sure that your feet stay on the floor firmly and your thighs are parallel to the ground. To make it possible, choose a model with adjustable height.

It must be high enough to support your neck and prop up the natural position of your spine. Lumbar support is also essential to enable normal blood circulation and to prevent slouching.

A proper position for a seat is when you can put 3 or 4 fingers between the back of your knees and the seat edge. That’s why it’s wise to look for a seat adjustable chair. A seat should also be wide enough to enable the user to lean on the backrest with feet staying on the floor.

Your forearms should be as parallel to the floor as your thighs. Adjustable handles help your shoulders stay straightened and relaxed. In many modern chairs, armrests can be detached.

Decide how much you will need to move around without getting up and whether the armrests or a swiveling seat will hinder your moving.

Each type of fabric has its pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide what you’re ready to put up with. Even leather may crack and fabric can get dirty. Besides, you should consider a style of your working space.

Modern office chairs are filled with hard or soft material. Try to choose a middle ground: soft enough to stay cozy and hard enough not to sink into it. Keep it in mind that low-quality padding may flatten soon.

Popular Types of Modern Office Chairs

It’s obvious that different chairs are designed for particular purposes. For this reason, determining the functions of a chair is vitally important to make the right choice. Correspondingly, there are 6 types of modern office chairs according to their usage.

  1. Conference chairs.

It can be derived from the name, that they’re used during the meetings to make people relaxed and comfortable. They rarely have casters and may not be adjustable.

  1. Ergonomic chairs.

This equipment can be used for various purposes, but its main feature is adjustability since it has to fit a person perfectly. These chairs are best for back health.

  1. Executive chairs.

Evidently, these modern office chairs are used by powerful officials and are more expensive. These chairs have padded armrests, a headrest and plenty of adjustment features. If you are looking for traditional executive office chairs then please go here.

  1. Guest or receptionist chairs.

These products are not made for long sitting but provide a warm welcome to the clients. They may be unusually designed to impress guests, but don’t have adjustments.

  1. Mesh chairs.

They got their name from a material used for a backrest or a seat instead of leather or foam. It resembles a net and allows the air to circulate so that you won’t be hot. They’re most popular in warm countries.

  1. Task chairs.

The most popular ones among office workers, they have basic features and are reasonably priced. Most task chairs have adjustable height, seat and back, and can perform different functions.

Essential characteristics of several kinds of chairs may be combined in one model, so don’t be confused if you encounter an ergonomic mesh conference chair. Examine its details and decide if it will work well at your office.

To make searching for a suitable product less tiresome, we have selected the best options and examined their most important features, so you can pick up exactly what you need.

To Sum Up

Weigh all the pros and cons of each chair you set eyes on before rushing to order it because you’re going to use the product every day for many hours. Remember: a chair, which fits one person, won’t necessarily be suitable for another.

Certainly, Conference Chair by Flesh Furniture is number one in our recommendation list, because reviewers simply love it and don’t find many faults with it. However, we would also advise you to consider LF-214-WHITE-GG Computer Task Chair if you want a really multifunctional piece of furniture with a cool contemporary look.

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