Top 7 the Best Office Chair Back Supports

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Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best office chair back support
  2. Detailed review of best office chair back support
  3. Detailed guide of purchasing the best office chair back support 
  4. Tips to choose the right office chair back support
  5. In conclusion

Comparison chart of Office Chair Back Supports

Sweet Relief$$$$4.8
Desk Jockey$$$4.7
Easy Posture$$$4.6
King Comfort$$$4.5
Love Home$$$4.5
Love Home$$4.3
Fellowes (8037601)$$$$4.1

Detailed Review of 7 Best Office Chair Back Supports

7. Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac Lumbar Back Support Cushion

back support cushion

The highly effective back support cushion designed by Duro-Med evidently deserves its place at the top for its ergonomics and convenience. This super comfortable product is made of a supple, elastic memory foam, which enables it to repeat your spine curve. A noticeable advantage is that you can remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine without causing any damage. Also, due to the composite board insert, the cushion doesn’t stretch over years and thus will survive long-term use. It’s obviously a great quality option for a reasonable price.

The reviewers confirm that this excellent office chair back support cushion is capable of alleviating the tension and reducing the stress in your muscles and joints. Its shape provides a great support and makes your lower back aligned the way it naturally has to be. This is perfect for big and tall office chairs.

Look here for further details and the Amazon price.

6. Premium Lower Back Pain Cushion by SimplePosture

cushion back support office chair

This kind of item is recommended for those with arthritis or chronic back pain as it can give a sufficient relief in the lumbar area. If you have a poor posture and slouch over your desk, it can help you sit up straight, which will surely improve your general health in the long run. Machine washable mesh cover provides proper ventilation for your back. Also, the cushion is supplied with manageable straps that allow for placing it in one fixed position.

The feedback for this product is extremely positive, which undoubtedly speaks for its superior quality. The reviewers praise the materials for they are soft and prevent the back from sweating. The distinctive feature about this cushion is that it comes with a 90-day guarantee so you don’t have to worry if it won’t suit your office chair.

Check out the price and characteristics of this premium product on Amazon.

5. Memory Foam Back Support Cushion by Love Home

chair back support memory foam

This is one of the best available office chair back supports for people who have a long hour office working day and for those with disc dysfunction or lumbar pain. The sturdy memory foam base provides an exceptional support and is covered with a breathable mesh fabric. The cushion has the adjustable elastic straps that won’t let it slide out of the place. The package also includes an additional strap extender, which will be necessary if you use a rather large chair. It’s absolutely a great deal for the price.

The reviewers claim that this Love Home product is really comfortable and durable. It looks quite simple but is actually effective since it enables to improve and maintain the posture, lessen the muscle tension, and relieve the pain.

See the Amazon price and characteristics list for this item.

4. Deluxe ‘LUMBAR ROYALE’ Lumbar Support Pillow by King Comfort

lumber support pillow

If you often experience different kinds of pain or discomfort when sitting, this deluxe pillow is an ideal option for you. It provides a perfect balance between softness and density – the texture of the fabric is soft enough and feels comfortable, yet it’s fairly firm to give the needed support to your problematic areas. The cushion will suit perfectly to the normal-sized and large office chairs due to the extendable 29-inch strap. This is a higher-quality offer for a higher price, and it’s definitely worth it.

According to the reviews, the material looks and feels like a premium material. The pillow is easily put to place and it doesn’t move while it’s in use. In addition, it comes in an average size so it may fit the majority of people. With all its characteristics, this luxurious item will certainly enable you a pain-free, productive day.

Take a look at the detailed list of specifications for the King Comfort pillow.

3. Med-X Lumbar Support Pillow

great office chair back support

This office chair back support by Med-X is a decent choice for a comparatively low price. It combines all the features that you may expect from an item of such kind in terms of quality and efficiency. The memory foam material ensures you a whole back alignment and reduces the lumbar pain. You will leave your day in comfort and won’t need to take often breaks in order for your body to have some rest.

Basing on customer comments, the benefit of this product is its extreme adjustability – it can be fixed not only at the lower back level but also at the neck area for extra support. Also, the fabric is said to be of high quality and doesn’t rub off in permanent contact with your cloths.

To find out more about the Med-X Lumbar Support Pillow, check Amazon.

2. Easy Posture Lumbar Back Support Mesh

good office chair back support

This is a great lumbar support mesh for those who suffer lower back pains and have problems with the posture. If you spend too many hours sitting in the office, this wonderful item will make an ultimately useful addition to your office chair. It’s designed to keep your back straight and help you correct the posture. Made of a soft and breathable fabric, it allows for the right air circulation and prevents your back from heating. It’s a fairly efficient and high-quality product at a reasonable price.

According to the majority of reviews, this item actually helps relieve the pain or even get rid of it completely. The texture of the material ensures its easy cleaning and maintenance. People also agree that this office chair back support mesh is quite flexible due to its elastic straps that can be adjusted to most office chairs.

Check out the price and specification details on Amazon.

1. Lumbar Support Cushion by Desk Jockey

office chair back support

Desk Jockey Lumbar Support Cushion is an excellent choice for those who experience painful feelings in the lower back area. If you have a tendency of stooping over the desk, the everyday use of this pillow will allow for more confident posture and your productivity, which can result in your general success. The cushion has a soft velour cover with an invisible zipper so it gets easy to remove and wash it. It can be easily placed on the office chair of any height and size.

The reviews for this item are full of praise for the quality of the memory foam material it’s made of – it’s fairly firm to provide an exceptional support, and it’s built to last. The pillow seems to retain its shape so, if you provide a proper care, it will definitely serve you for many years.

To learn more about the Desk Jockey cushion, visit Amazon.

Purchasing the Best Office Chair Back Support: Detailed Guide

An office job is considered low-risky due to the comfortable conditions it provides. But sitting at your office desk for prolonged periods of time is still dangerous to your health. Having a comfortable upscale office chair would help you prevent back diseases and their complications. For those who don’t want to or can’t afford a new higher-quality chair, today’s market gives an alternative option – an office chair back support. In this guide, you will find some key instructions to purchasing a model that will improve your health and best suit your needs.

Office Chair Back Support: Tips to Choose the Right One

When shopping for a back support for your office chair, you must consider a few important factors.

  • First of all, why and where you need a back support. Depending on your requirements, you may choose a lumbar support for the lower back or a full back support that will keep your whole spine in an upright position. The last one will be more convenient for people who have had prior back traumas and now experience permanent pains.
  • There are also some mobile options, which can be placed at any height of the chair backrest according to where your most discomfortable area is. That’s why the adjustment facilities are also important. A flexible belt would be very useful – it can help you put the item where it’s needed most and fix it there so that it doesn’t fall down when you stand up.
  • Another criterion to take into account is the type of your back support, which depends on the material it’s made of:
  • Memory foam pillow.
    This one is the most popular kind as it provides exceptional comfort for the user. It conforms to the back and thus allows for great support. There are a few gradation levels for density and firmness so that you can pick a cushion that will fit your conditions best.
  • Back support mesh.
    Having metal wire framework, this type of back support is rather steady and strong. It’s made in a form of a mesh, which not only offers the proper spine alignment but also allows for the due air ventilation.
  • Plastic back support.
    If you already have some back problems and need an ultimate support, this one is ideal for you. It’s really stiff and can enable you to improve and maintain your posture.
  • To be effective, a good back support has to be of a suitable size and must fit into your office chair perfectly. You are likely to experience even more discomfort with a wider or larger back support than with no support at all. Therefore, check the product details to see its parameters before you buy it.

In Conclusion

There are hundreds of different office chair back supports available on the market today. You will know where to look for your perfect one when you decide what characteristics it must have. A good choice will certainly contribute to your health while a bad one is more likely to become just a waste of money, so be sure to keep in mind the aforementioned key factors.

If you have a possibility to see the item in real life and test it before purchasing, take notice of its fixation mechanism, size, shape, material, and how easily it can be cleaned. On the other hand, if you’re shopping online, check whether the manufacturer provides a product warranty to return the back support you’ve bought and receive your money back in case it doesn’t suit you.

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