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top best office guest chairsNo matter how hard you try to arrange a smooth work schedule, there are chances that some of your visitors will have to wait some time until you’re ready to meet with them. Make sure they are treated professionally and feel comfortable during this period in the reception area. By offering some refreshments or making them comfortable in one of the best office guest chairs, you’ll show your guests that they are valuable to you.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of top 7 best office guest chairs
  2. Detailed review of top 7 best office guest chairs
  3. Can Using Good Office Guest Chairs Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?
  4. How to Choose Furniture for Office Waiting Room
  5. In conclusion

Comparison chart of Top 7 Best Office Guest Chairs

PictureNameWeight capacityDimensions
(width x depth x height)
SPACE Seating 250 LBS25.5 x 24.5 x 37.2 inches$$$4.8
Boss Office Products250 LBS24 x 26 x 31 inches$$$4.6
Flash Furniture BT-1404-GG250 LBS24 x 25 x 36 inches$$4.6
Boss Traditional Black Caressoft250 LBS24.5 x 27 x 35.5 inches$$$$4.5
Flash Furniture CP-D119A01-BK-GG250 LBS22-3/4 x 24 x 34-3/4 inches$$4.5
Flash Furniture B-Z100-LF-0005-BK-LEA-GG225 LBS24 x 25 x 30 inches$$$$4.5
Boss Mesh Back250 LBS23.2 x 24 x 39 inches$$4.4
Flash Furniture BT-353-BURG-GG250 LBS25.5 x 23 x 35.5 inches$$$$4.3
Lorell 250 LBS24 x 25 x 35.5 inches$$$$4.1
Flash Furniture GO-1156-BK-LEA-GG300 LBS24 x 26 x 36 inches$$$4.1

Detailed review of Top 7 Best Office Guest Chairs:

Boss Captain’s Chair

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This fairly rated chair is available in two colors (black and burgundy vinyl) and can be equipped with wheel casters if extra mobility is needed for your waiting area. The nicely styled guest chair features a classic design and may be used as desk side chair, lobby or conference room sitting equipment, and so on.

The mahogany hardwood frame coupled with the vintage brass nails following the stitches around the seat edge and the armrests will provide an exceptional touch to practically any waiting room interior as well as to other office areas.

Besides looking stylish, the chair is very ergonomic. The convex seat cushion provides excellent softness and comfort while the wide nicely padded armrests will add extra comfort for your visitors. The size (26 x 24 x 31 inches) and the weight capacity (250 pounds) of this model make it a universal piece of office gear.

Flash Furniture BT-1404-GG Leather Guest/Reception Chair

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When searching for the best office guest chairs to make the office waiting room design better and to improve ergonomics, the Flash Furniture BT-1404-GG is a good option to go for. It is available in four different colors (black, white, burgundy, and brown) which mean it can match practically any environment as well as fit various dye patterns.

The chair features a classic design with a concave thick padded seat cushion providing a good side support as well as an exceptional softness and comfort. The back of the chair is leaned back offering your visitors a relaxing position and a good back support. The rounded arms are padded and are ergonomically placed in order to provide convenience and rest.

Although the seat is comparatively big in size (24 x 25 x 36 inches) and can fit almost all body types due to its durable metal frame with black finish, it is quite lightweight (only 26 pounds). This ensures easy mobility which means the chair can also be used in conference halls, meeting rooms, and similar areas.

Boss Traditional Cares Soft Guest Chair

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This model has got plenty of positive feedback from users and has deservedly been ranked the best office guest chairs for many reasons. First of all, it features a luxurious exterior with button tuft pattern on its back while its vinyl upholstery provides outstanding appeal coupled with durability and easy maintenance.

The stylish solid mahogany wood frame can be combined with black or oxblood upholstery which will mainly fit a classic office surrounding as well as make a waiting area look more decent and polished. Its weight capacity of 250 pounds ensures some really heavy-duty chair and can serve plenty of purposes in your office while the impressive size (27’’ x 24.5’’ x 35.5’’) allows for using it for big and tall individuals.

Flash Furniture CP-D119A01-BK-GG

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The Flash Furniture CP-D119A01-BK-GG features a great office chair which can be used for many purposes. It offers a comfy combination of mesh back and soft leather seat cushion and provides a great lumbar support due to a specially designed camber made of heavy-duty plastic.

Due to the sled base and ergonomic back angle, the chair provides maximum comfort even during long sitting experiences. Those seeking for the best office guest chairs can always be sure this model will impress their visitors and make them love your waiting room.

The back mesh and lumbar support provide excellent ventilation to your back as well as decrease the risk of back pain caused by prolonged sitting.

Flash Furniture B-Z100-LF-0005-BK-LEA-GG

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Available in five different designs (black, blue, brown, burgundy, and glossy black) this luxurious chair with single-roll casters is able to fit any office surrounding and can be applied to versatile uses. If you want to add a classic touch to your reception or conference area, the Flash Furniture is surely the right choice.

The massive mahogany hardwood frame provides extra stability and durability allowing for heavy duty use while the carpet casters ensure high mobility which is especially valued if you need to rearrange your office surroundings quickly and soundlessly. The cushion of the seat is extra soft and the back provides great comfort due to a semi-reclining position.

Many users have found this model one of the best office guest chairs because of its fair price, great appearance, high-quality materials, and durability while the item’s weight (only 14.7 pounds) provides an easy use.

Boss Mesh Back with Pewter Finish Guest Chair

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This beautifully designed guest chair features a winning combination of mesh back and soft leather padded seat cushion. While the back and the seat of the chair resemble a rather classic style, the metal armrests and the sled base mimicking pewter finish provide quite a futuristic touch to it. This allows for versatile use in practically any sort of office interior.

The weight capacity of the chair is 250 lbs. which means it is heavy-duty and will surely stand years of use. The leather upholstery is easy to clean and maintain. Although the item has been initially designed as a guest office chair, it can be also used for prolonged sitting during meetings or conferences due to ergonomic loop armrests, ventilated back, and comfortable soft seat cushion.

Flash Furniture BT-353-BURG-GG

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This great side/reception chair is among best office guest chairs since it features a solid mahogany hardwood frame coupled with leather upholstery resulting in the appealing design and high ergonomics. For added versatility, the model comes in three various colors –white, black, and burgundy.

One of the benefits this office guest chair offers is the upholstered side panels which are very useful if you need to put your small personal belongings while waiting for the appointment.

Can Using Good Office Guest Chairs Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line?

If you ever try and search for top most awesome company offices on the web, you will come across plenty of unbelievably unique (and probably way too expensive) designing solutions. So why do the leading companies spend so much on the interior design and office furniture ergonomics? Is it just because they are rich enough to afford it, or there’s something else behind it?

While many would think the rich companies simply have money to spend (which is partially true, of course), it is also important to understand that spending a lot does not mean spending inefficiently. The cost and expenditure optimization is an important sector for any serious business, so it is hardly likely big bosses would throw considerable amounts just for fun.

When buying the best office guest chairs, the business owners can often actually add to their company’s bottom line since the investment they make is everything but wasteful for the following reasons:

  • You never know who your next guest is.
    While there may be hundreds of people visiting your office every day, chances are there will be important persons among them from rich businessmen to famous movie stars and politicians.
  • You create a corporate style.
    Since a brand is the key to communicate your company’s visual messages, the furniture of your guest room is a way to make your customers physically feel you’re a serious business owner who cares for its staff and its clients.

How to Choose Furniture for Office Waiting Room

Arranging your office waiting area is an important task requiring professional approach as well as plenty of experience. Not only should your waiting room be functional and aesthetic, but it should also resemble your corporate style. For this reason, determining the amount and the type of furniture is absolutely important.

Since furniture is the most important part of your waiting area, its quality, functionality, and relevance are the key factors to consider when furnishing this part of your office. While many office owners rightly assume the reception desk to be the focal point of their lobby, some often mistakenly believe getting best office guest chairs is not the most important part of visitors greeting.

But as the US national study reports visitors normally spend from 5 to 15 minutes on average while waiting for an appointment. This means individuals with 3-4 meetings in their schedule can easily spend up to an hour in waiting areas every day. And if you have ever tried an uncomfortable chair in a reception area, you probably know how obnoxious such an experience might be.

In Conclusion

The variety of modern office chairs available on the market today is really impressive. Users can choose between multiple colors, patterns, and styles. Either on a budged or ready to invest significantly into your office furnishing, there’s plenty of choice in any category of office chairs.

Providing comfort to your visitors in a waiting room implies creating a relaxed atmosphere and providing convenient furniture which would both fit the environment and sooth the visitors. If you want to add to your company’s reputation, using some best office guest chairs is surely a great way.

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