Top 7 Best Orthopedic Office Chairs

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top orthopedic office chair reviewsSince the moment you’re offered a serious office job, you might get markedly careless with your health by spending long hours at your workplace in order to build a remarkably successful career. You may not pay attention to a slight wrist or lower back pain since your job is now your primary concern. Many get used to office life, as well as accept the outcomes of prolonged sitting and low activity. But does it have to be really like that? Fortunately, you can seriously improve your daily office routines as well as protect your health by getting one of the best orthopedic office chairs.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best orthopedic office chairs
  2. Detailed review of best orthopedic office chairs
  3. Why is it Important to Have a Good Office Chair?
  4. Buying a Right Office Chair for You: Factors to Consider
  5. In conclusion

Comparison Chart Of Best Orthopedic Office Chairs

PictureNameWeight capacityMaterialPriceRating
AmazonBasics High-Back250 LBSUpholstered in bonded black leather and PVC$$$4.7
AmazonBasics Mid-Back225 LBSUpholstered in black bonded leather$$4.7
Ergohuman Me7Erg-W09-01W09-01250 LBSPolyester$$$4.6
Serta 44186250 LBSSmooth Eco-Friendly Bonded Leather$$$4.6
Office Star250 LBSEco leather, Heavy duty nylon base$$$4.5
Flash Furniture250 LBSHeavy Duty Nylon Base$$$4.4
AmazonBasics225 LBS$$4.3
The Carmichael Throne CT4547250 LBS$$$$4.2

Best Orthopedic Office Chairs: The Top Rated Product Reviews 

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

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Since mesh office chairs have recently become really popular, this newly designed orthopedic chair features a basic mesh back foam fabric seat offering its owners softness, durability as well as breathability and an excellent back support. This is a great choice for students and office workers who normally spend sitting about 4-6 hours a day.

Like most Amazon Basics products, this incredibly light (only 23.1 pounds) and fairly rated office chair comes with an ergonomic design coupled with basic adjustment features, such as gas lift, for improved orthopedic effect and easy operation. The item’s simplicity and top quality materials have brought plenty of positive feedback and high rates from customers.

Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair with Flip-Up Arms

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Similarly to the previous model, the Mid-Back Task chair offers a combination of soft foam seat pan padded with high-quality fabric and a reliable mesh back for improved back ventilation. In the bottom of the seat’s back, behind the back mesh, there’s a specially designed curved frame made of hard plastic to ensure correct posture and reduce fatigue caused by prolonged sitting experiences.

This model is one of the best orthopedic office chairs due to several factors. First of all, it comes with basic adjustments, such as the gas lift and the tilt angle adjustment which is done by means of an easy-to-handle knob on the bottom side of the chair’s seat. In addition, there’s the possibility to flip up the padded armrests for better chair personalization.

Office Star Work Smart Professional Dual Function High Back Eco Leather Chair

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This thick padded eco leather office chair features a nice comfortable seat which can suit all sorts of uses including home or office. Its seat pan is incredibly soft while its form allows for comfortable sitting. The profile of the chair’s back is really ergonomic and provides a great orthopedic effect by firmly supporting your torso.

The five-star leg base is made of heavy duty plastic as well as the dual casters which provide a comparatively smooth and soundless motion. Beneath the seat pan, you will find three adjustment controls to change the height of the back, adjust the seat’s angle, and to lock the reclining position.

Serta 44186 Mid-Back Office BIM Chair

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The Serta Mid-Back is one of the best orthopedic office chairs due to its active seating technology which reduces the discomfort and harmful effects of prolonged sitting. Since its designers have stuck to a simple premise that movement promotes circulation positively influencing our wellbeing, they have created an active lumbar support that promotes spinal movement whenever you have to lean forward to reach your computer keyboard or pick up the phone.

By simply sliding your feet forward, the BIM system effortlessly adjusts your posture so that your spine maintains a healthy neutral position. This ensures a healthy pelvic tilt increasing circulation and reducing lumbar compression. The recent clinical studies in the US have proven Serta BIM chair to be significantly more comfortable and supportive than many office chairs with minimum two-time higher retail prices.

The back of the seat is equipped with double layered body pillows while the amazing padded armrests provide maximum comfort to your elbows. Along with the ergonomic seat controls, Serta Mid-Back offers a great design as well as high-quality eco-leather upholstery and a heavy duty five-star base with polyurethane double casters.

Ergohuman Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

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This model is one of the best orthopedic office chairs and offers a solid list of ergonomic features while it comes at a really competitive price. It has an adjustable head rest that can pivot so you can put it pretty much anywhere you need it to be. The back of the seat is highly adjustable since it provides four different positions for setting the height of the back. Additionally, you can choose several options to reposition the dynamic lumbar support.

The armrests are adjustable as well offer lots of pre-set positions so you can raise the arms up or lower them down. They’re also still-pivot which means you can turn them in and out, and they are also depth adjustable so you can really get them out of the way in case they’re not needed.

Both the back and the seat are made of polyester mesh which results in perfect ventilation, lightness, and great design. For added comfort and operation convenience, all adjustments on the chair are done with only one pedal which makes the complete control much easier.

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chair

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For many users, the Amazon Basics Mid-Back features one of the best orthopedic office chairs as well as provides a great ergonomic design coupled with basic adjustments. The model comes in durable black bonded leather upholstery and offers a pneumatic lift and a specially designed knob to adjust the back height and depth. The whole seat is placed on a durable five-leg plastic base with double casters allowing for easy mobility.

Though non-adjustable, the armrests are orthopedically curved while their leather padding provides plenty of space. The contoured large back and deep seat cushion provide a good lumbar support to help relieve back strain and provide comfort for all-day sitting experiences. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced ergonomically designed office chair which can provide a good orthopedic effect, the Amazon Basics Mid-Back might be the right choice for you.

Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Chair

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Whether you’re responding to your phone calls, get involved in long meetings, or surfing through hundreds of e-mails on your computer, you’d want to get through your day in a comfortable office chair which provides a good back support and offers a rest to your neck, arms, and legs.

For this reason, the Amazon Basic High-Back is a perfect solution since it is truly one of the best orthopedic office chairs within this type. Like most Amazon Basics providing a great value for your money, it offers decent quality materials as well as an impressive set of functions. The chair has a pneumatic back height adjustment and can change the seat’s cushion tilt angle to fit practically any sitting style.

Why is it Important to Have a Good Office Chair?

Many mistakenly think that if they have their desk at the correct height and their hands in proper position, they can go without a good office chair. Since average office workers spend about 8-10 hours a day sitting at their desks, their chairs play a very important role in the present-day workplace. The main advantages of having a good office chair are as follows:

  • Less tension in the pelvic area.
    To reduce stress in your muscles and to distribute the torso weight correctly while sitting, you must provide an adequate support to your lumbar. And while most cheap office chairs don’t have it, the long sitting durations may result in lower back pain, herniated discs, problems with joints, and so on.
  • Better concentration.
    While recent reports have shown a significant decline in working productivity among those suffering poor posture-related health issues, many workers, as well as employers, reconsidered the necessity of getting the best orthopedic office chairs.
  • Improved interior.
    Most modern orthopedic office chairs feature a great ergonomic design which can fit any environment as well as add a special touch to the office interiors.

Buying a Right Office Chair for You: Factors to Consider

The modern office chairs offer a wide range of characteristics, adjustments, materials, and designs. You can always find a chair which would fit your requirements, your style, and your budget. When buying an orthopedic office chair to improve your workstation, make sure you consider the following factors:

  • Choosing an office chair might seem easier said than done when it comes to learning all the adjustability options available on the modern market. However, pay attention to some basic features such as chair height adjustment, tilt angle control, armrest regulation, and so on.
  • Seat material.
    Depending on your needs, you may choose between leather, faux leather, or fabric upholstery. Besides, you can always opt for a combination of different types of seat materials.
  • Normally, you would come across two main types of office chairs: fixed or castor. Each has its pros and cons and should be chosen depending on your working style and your office environment.

In Conclusion

If you care for your health, there’s always room for perfection and improvement. Those spending most of their working day being stuck in the office chairs should realize that the choice of their sitting equipment may literally make the difference between having health issues or not. Supporting proper posture for prolonged sitting is one of the main recommendations of the US National Institute of Health to avoid back pain, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

To decrease the negative outcomes of sedentary work, make sure you adjust each part of your workstation most efficiently and get one of the best orthopedic office chairs to support your body and relieve muscle strain.

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