Best Office Chair for Lumbar Support – Top 7 Choices

best office chair for lumbar supportAlthough most medical experts constantly urge of the threats caused by continuous sitting, many people pay little attention to their office or home furniture ergonomics until they experience some serious health problems. Whether you’re an office worker or simply spend plenty of time in front of a computer at home, you will face the need of choosing the best office chair for lumbar support.

While sitting may be considered a relaxing posture, some people believe the consequence of such a sedentary lifestyle cannot be too serious. However, the recent research held in the US has shown that the negative results of extended sitting experiences might result in a wide set of illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease, problems with joints, and back pain. The latter is one of the most widely spread symptoms caused by too much sitting and poor ergonomics.

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  1. Office chair: how to reduce back pain
  2. Tips on choosing the best office chair for lumbar support
  3. Comparison chart of best office chairs for lumbar support
  4. Detailed review of best office chairs for lumbar support
  5. In conclusion

Office Chair: How to Reduce Back Pain

If you spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair, you run a high risk of acquiring lower back pain. However, it’s important to understand that prolonged sitting is not the only factor leading to the pain in your lumbar area. An uncomfortable office chair may have the similar effect making you feel tired and stressed even after a comparatively short sitting experience.

In other words, getting the best office chair for lumbar support is one of the effective ways of avoiding work-related illnesses which can help improve your overall health. To decrease stress in the back caused by a static posture, make sure you follow some basic office chair setup guidelines:

  • Establish the height.
    The height of your seat will mostly depend on the type of work you’re doing (writing, typing, drawing, and so on) as well as on the height of your desk. It is also important to take the individual’s body proportions into account before putting the office chair into a certain position.
  • Provide low back support.
    In order to decrease strain on your lumbar area, you need to place your back in the way that it won’t sink down under its own weight when your muscles get tired of supporting it. For this reason, many office chairs offer a sort of a cushion to make your lower back arch around it forming a natural barrier which does not allow the bodyweight impact the lumbar area. You can also purchase one of the comfortable office chair cushions.
  • Ensure proper armrest.
    Since the support for your arms will reduce the strain on the upper spine, the whole body is less likely to slip down which means less tension on your lumbar area. Adjust the armrest in the way that your shoulders are not sagging and your arms are slightly lifted.

Tips on Choosing the Best Office Chair for Lumbar Support

When looking for a good office chair that would support your lumbar area efficiently and help you avoid lower back pain, pay your attention to the following factors:

  • As long as you can change the tilt angle and move the back up and down, you have the chance to adjust your office chair to your body frame, your desk, and your working surroundings.
  • To ensure high level of comfort to your back, try to choose the type of the upholstery which would fit your personal needs as well as the office environment.
  • Extra supporters.
    Almost all good office chairs offer additional equipment for lumbar support. Either you choose between adjustable cushions or special plastic inserts, make sure you opt for a chair which can keep the weight of your torso to decrease the pressure on your lumbar area.

Comparison Chart Of Best Office Chairs for Lumbar Support

PictureNameWeight capacityMaterialSeat heightPriceRating
VIVA High Back 250 LBSleather18.1-22 inches$$$$4.9
Office Star250 LBSBreathable mesh18-23 inches$$$$4.8
Alera EtrosNot listedMesh comfort17.5-21.5 inches$$$4.7
Aeron Task Chair Not listedMesh fabric 20 inches$$$$4.6
VIVA OFFICE Viva3631L1A250 LBSThick Padded Bonded Leather 19.3-21.7 inches$$$$4.6
LexMod300 LBSMesh back and sponge seat covered with mesh fabric18-21 inches$$4.6
VIVA OFFICE Viva1189L1250 LBSHigh quality PP armrest, Nylon base and Nylon casters18.1-20.5 inches$$$$4.5
Merax225 LBSPU leather and mesh fabric upholstered19.2-23 inches$$4.3
WorkSmart 250 LBSFaux Leather Seat, Heavy Duty Nylon Base19-20 inches$$4.2
Anji Modern Furniture280 LBSmesh18.7-22.6 Inches$$$$4.2

7 Best Rated Office Chairs for Lumbar Support Reviews

Alera Etros Series Petite Mid-Back Multifunction Mesh Chair

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Even if you’re on the budget when seeking for the best office chair for lumbar support, this doesn’t mean a decent solution to your search is not available. The Alerta Etros features a mid-back office chair with impressive functions as well as offers a great support to your lower back.

Although it has been designed for medium-built individuals, customer reviews prove that, in this model, you will find multi-level adjustments which can tune the cushion height, the seat angle, and the back tilt degree to conform to practically all body types. For added back ventilation, the model comes with comfy back mesh while a specially designed protrusion behind the back mesh provides an excellent lumbar support.

Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller

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Although this model might seem a bit overpriced, the 12-year factory warranty coupled with an exceptional luxurious design and great practical features offer a fair value for your money as well as make this model an iconic office chair, widely used throughout multiple offices all over the world.

The seat cushion profile offers a great support to your hips while its waterfall edge provides maximum comfort to the back of your legs. Additionally, the specially designed X-type posture fit placed behind the stylish mesh makes this chair a decent choice for those seeking for the best office chair for lumbar support.

Viva Office High Back Chair

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This ergonomic office sitting equipment has got plenty of positive feedback from customers due to its fair price, functionality, and an excellent lumbar support. Besides, many appraise its leather upholstery and managerial profile which combine into a sustainable image of expensive office furniture.

The height of the seat pan is adjusted by the traditional gas lift while its angle can be changed by an easy-to-reach special knob smartly hidden beneath. The ergonomic armrests are padded for extra softness and comfort while the back profile resembling the sports vehicle seat provides an excellent support to your backsides and your lumbar area. The edge of the seat pan is rounded to provide comfort to your legs while its sides are nattily lifted to ensure firm posture and hip support.

LexMod Edge Office Chair with Mesh Back and Black Leatherette Seat

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This very comfortable item features a high-quality office chair for the price. There are three different settings on it so you can move its back, tilt its seat forward and backward for tension control and also bring it up and down to fit your body height. Individuals seeking for the best office chair for lumbar support will surely value its specially designed hard plastic frame placed behind the back mesh to provide extra stability to your back while sitting for long hours.

This fabulous chair has been highly rated by customers due to its modern design and some useful extra, such as armrests which can be flipped up if necessary. The back of the chair features a nicely patterned mesh which allows for better back ventilation while the thick seat pan offers a thick soft pillow padded with stylish faux leather.

Viva Office Fashionable High Back Office Chair

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The Viva Office High Back features a highly technological race style office chair with adjustable seat pan height and tension control, removable headrest cushion, and a fancy leg support for reclining position. Although it has been designed as a high back chair for computer gamers, you can easily come across one of these in an average manager’s office since it offers exceptional quality, endurance, and a unique design.

This model has been ranked as the best office chair for lumbar support since its back design features a human-oriented orthopedic profile supporting your upper body weight efficiently and preventing excessive tension to your lower back area.

Merax High-Back Ergonomic PU Leather Office Chair

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The Merax High-Back is another race style office chair offering a great lumbar support due to a specially designed cushion which greatly maintains your back weight by providing a reliable pivot to your tail bone. The adjustments are made by means of gas lift, repositionable armrests, removable headrest cushion, and a tilt angle knob situated under the seat pan.

The upholstery features a combination of black and red leather and mesh with red stitching which adds a special accent to the model’s appeal. The five-pointed metal legs are legitimately strong while the double polyurethane casters provide smooth and silent repositioning around your home or office.

Work Smart Faux Leather Manager’s Chair with Padded Arms

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According to hundreds of positive customer reviews, not only is this faux leather piece of furniture the best office chair for lumbar support but it also provides a great appearance and style which can make any office interior look special.

The seat adjustments offer the pneumatic lift to change the height and the locking tilt tension control for extra comfort. Although the armrests are not adjustable, they are ergonomically placed and nicely padded with black faux leather.

In Conclusion

While a desk job can be harmful to our health, not many realize that the office chair can be literally killing you by forcing you to sit in an improper posture. There has been plenty of research made to prove that prolonged sitting is a serious health risk. Furthermore, the vigorous exercise and workouts after work usually turn out to be of low efficiency in order to get rid of lower back ache.

The poor posture is the biggest issue with many office chairs. And if you spend most of your working time sitting at your desk, you need to take it seriously if you don’t want to end up in a hospital with a recurring backache. While a healthy diet and active lifestyle style are absolutely mandatory, getting the best office chair for lumbar support will be a good help to your muscles and bones during your working day. If you have a regular chair then you can also purchase one of the best office chairs back supports.

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