Best Office Chair for Posture – Reduce Stress in Your Back

best office chair for postureWhile most of us spend plenty of time sitting at a desk at work, developing a correct posture is more than important in order to avoid muscle strain and other health problems caused by sedentary life pattern. Fortunately, most of the issues can be prevented by adopting a user-friendly workstation, proper computer positioning, and getting the best office chair for posture.

Providing the correct sitting position greatly depends on the ability to get some decent sitting equipment. In other words, if you really want to ensure the best ergonomics to your sitting experience, following the sitting posture rules might simply be not enough.

If you go and check your office chairs, high chances are many of them will provide poor ergonomics which literally means more stress and more health challenges in your employees.  

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best office chair for posture
  2. Detailed review of best office chair for posture
  3. Negative Effects of Poor Sitting Posture
  4. How to Position Body Properly for Prolonged Sitting
  5. In conclusion

Comparison Chart Of Best Office Chair For Posture

PictureNameWeight capacityMaterialSeat heightPriceRating
Posture TrainerNot listedvinyl-like materialNot listed$$$4.7
Boss Fabric Deluxe250 LBSNylon, Polypropylene18.5-23.5 inches$$4.6
OFM 118-2Not listedFabric23 inches$$$4.6
Boss Leather Plus250 LBSUpholstered in black LeatherPlus and thickly padded18-23 inches$$$4.5
MeraxNot listedFoam padded Upholstered Seat, nylon base18-22 inches$$$4.5
MidBack Black Mesh250 LBSPadded Mesh Seat,
Black Nylon T-Arms
20 inches$$$4.5
AmazonBasics250 LBSUpholstered fabric18-22 inches$$$4.4
basyx by HON HVL210250 LBSMesh upholstery20 inches$$$4.3
Boss Fabric Deluxe 250 LBSFabric18.5 - 23.5-inch$$$4.1
Boss DelubyeNot listedFabric18 inches$3.9

Best Office Chair for Posture Reviews 

Boss Fabric Deluxe Posture Chair Black

Buy on Amazon

This chair features a restrained design combined with basic adjustment options, durable fabrics, and reliable nylon base allowing for easy motion and stability. The item is available in a series of colors including black, burgundy, blue, and grey. Its neutral appearance allows this office chair to be used in practically any surrounding both classic and futuristic.

The ergonomic construction of the seat’s back and cushion, as well as their adjustments, ensure premium support for your lower back resulting in a correct sitting posture. Although the chair is solidly made of high-quality durable materials, it is comparatively lightweight (only 23 pounds) meaning you can easily rearrange your workstation.

OFM 118-2 Posture Series Task Chair

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This ergonomic and nicely designed office chair with a built-in support for lumbar area and back pitch control lever is placed on a 5-pointed durable nylon base with double casters. Many have ranked it as the best office chair for posture due to its excellent performance, instant adjustments, and solid backrest.

The seat of the chair feature thick padded cushion with slightly curved edges to ensure better support for your hips. Since the model is not equipped with the armrest option it provides additional space on the sides and offers more flexibility for the seated position.

Boss Leather Plus Posture Task Chair

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This great armless leather task chair will fit most office sitting activities such as meetings, conferences, and so on. It provides decent support to your lower back area due to ergonomic design while its functional gas lift can provide a wide range of heights to fit all sorts of body types.

The stylishly upholstered in black leather elements of the seat are easy-to-maintain and can be cleaned with warm water and mild washing detergents. The Boss Posture task chair features a subtly designed yet durable and reliable best office chair for posture.

Merax Ergonomic Mesh Adjustable 

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This fairly comfortable mesh back office chair offers the customers’ favorite features such as the adjustable armrests which can completely get out of the way if necessary (up to impressive 145 degrees) and a specially designed headrest which can be totally removed as well.

The back of the seat features a huge mesh area for added back ventilation while the plastic lumbar support element behind it provides good rest to your lower back even after long hours of sedentary posture. The padded seat’s cushion does not look too thick; however, it is quite soft and durable.

Both the height of the chair and the reclining position of the back can be adjusted and locked by one lever which is very comfortable.

Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

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This affordable great office chair is perfect for every-day use. Whether it’s for the home or office, you’re going to love this best office chair for posture. Its contoured mesh back provides great support and the thick-padded mesh seat offers plenty of comfort and ergonomics. The armrests made of nylon are wide enough to ensure a comfortable rest for your arms while you are working in front of your computer.

The pneumatic seat height adjustment allows to easily change your height when needed while the sturdy nylon base with dual-wheel casters helps to roll around freely. The mid-back mesh chair is also available in a variety of color options.

Amazon Basics Low-Back Task Chair

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This low-back task chair with 360-degree swivel function is upholstered with durable fabric on both the seat pan and the back. The tilt angle can be changed by tightening or loosening the mechanic knob to accommodate users of all body types. In addition, it can also be locked in place to keep it in a sturdy position.

The seat height is adjusted by a pneumatic mechanism so that anyone can sit in this best office chair for posture and feel comfortable regardless their height or weight.

Basyx by HON Task Chair for Office

Buy on Amazon

This chair is perfect for those who spend hours at their work desk or in front of their computer and comes at a price that is more than an excellent value for money. Not only does this chair simply look great, but it is also constructed from a breathable and durable material and can be adjusted to a variety of positions.

A height adjustable gas lift allows the chair to be used with almost any type of desk while the casters on the five-star sturdy plastic base provide easy movement on all surfaces. The chair rotates smoothly through 360 degrees.

Negative Effects of Poor Sitting Posture

The harmful potential of poor posture during long sitting periods has been scientifically proved in many countries and can hardly be questioned nowadays. The negative effects of poor sitting ergonomics may cause the following health issues:

  • Depressions and stress.A slouched and restricted body prevents your natural movement and results in mood worsening. This causes your energy level decrease which leads to excessive irritation, fatigue, depression, and stress.
  • Muscle pain.Since your lower back, neck, and shoulders are the most commonly affected areas due to long sitting periods, a poor sitting posture will lead to various muscle-related issues including a spinal misalignment and joint stress.
  • Poor digestion.Those sitting for hours need to get the best office chair for posture if they don’t want to end up with their intestines constricted resulting in a digestive stress such as reflux or hernias.
  • Poor breathing.When slouching, our bones and muscles prevent the optimal lung function as the diagram cannot fully expand. This means the amount of oxygen received by our internal organs decreases so it cannot meet our physical demands.
  • One of the side effects of poor posture is a tension headache which is the result of prolonged increased load imposed on your muscles and tendons. If the chair provides poor support for your back and your computer is placed too high or to low, be sure you will feel a severe headache if you spend the whole day in such a posture.

Since the problems caused by poor ergonomics impact both individuals’ health and companies’ results, the solution to the poor posture problem is a corporate issue and has to be found together by workers and employers.

How to Position Body Properly for Prolonged Sitting

Although the ergonomic technologies constantly develop offering innovations for improved posture, following some basic guidelines for positioning your body correctly while sitting at a desk for a long period of time is highly recommended. To ensure the best way of sitting, be ready to do the following:

  • Get the best office chair for posture.The chair you use has to be durable, adjustable and provide good support to your neck, arms, and back. You should be able to adjust its height so that your vision line is perpendicular to your computer monitor. Your arms should be at a 90-degree bend when typing while your feet should be flat on the floor and your legs bent at 90 degrees either.
  • Set up your desk.Ensure your working table height is at or slightly below your elbows. If the desk you use is not adjustable, try to get the necessary height by changing the chair’s position to match your natural posture with your desk ergonomics.
  • Arrange your accessories properly.Organize your belongings and your working accessories so that the most often used ones are within your reach, while those you don’t use too frequently are a bit distant. This will help ensure you don’t switch to an incorrect posture by overbending and reaching out.

In Conclusion

If you work in an office more often or not, you’re probably sitting for most of the day. Researchers have linked too much sitting to health problems so bringing a balance between sitting and standing is quite an issue for many workers.

Getting the best office chair for posture will increase your metabolism, improve your oxygen intake for better cognition, and prevent a wide range of diseases such as diabetes and obesity. While the sedentary behavior is a serious threat to our bodies, the ergonomic furniture used for long sitting experiences might be a viable solution.

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