7 Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain Reducing Work-Related Sicknesses

best-office-chair-for-lower-back-painThe pain in the lumbar region, also known as lower back pain, is something most people experience at a certain point. It can be caused by a variety of factors such as spinal muscle disorders, problems with bones or discs, and so on. Although the lower back pain usually starts as a slightly annoying discomfort or irritation, it may easily become quite intense and severe resulting in disability and the need for medical treatment. Since it is a widely spread problem for many office workers, using some best office chairs for lower back pain may help avoid many serious health problems.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison Chart of 7 Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain
  2. Detailed Reviews of 7 Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain
  3. What Causes Lower Back Pain In Office Workers
  4. How to Avoid Back Pain at Work: Useful Tips
  5. In Conclusion

Comparison Chart of 7 Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain

PictureNameWeight CapacityPriceRating
VIVA OFFICE High Back Bonded250 LBS$$$$4.9
VIVA OFFICE Viva977L1 Not Listed$$$4.8
Serta 43670250 LBS$$$4.7
Boss Office Products250 LBS$$$4.6
BestOffice250 LBS$$$4.5
Office StarNot Listed$$$4.5
AmazonBasics225 LBS$$$4.4
Flash Furniture250 LBS$$4.3

Detailed Reviews of 7 Best Office Chairs for Lower Back Pain

Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair

good office chair for back pain

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The Mid-Back is made of reliable nylon and features a simple office chair design…until you try it. The chair has got plenty of positive reviews from customers as it is easy to assemble, feels great, and is incredibly comfortable.

The item has thick padded black mesh seat featuring a standard cushion with a round edge. The perforated grid back allows for better ventilation while you can choose any height of the seat with the help of the easy-to-use pneumatic seat adjust. The chair is incredibly light (only 24 pounds) which makes it very comfortable if you need to rearrange your working surroundings.

If you do not go with this chair then you may need to also purchase one of the best office chair cushions.

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chair

mid back office chair for back pain

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The Amazon Basics is nothing but a good quality and a fair value of your money. This great budget option features basic height adjustments such as lowering or raising the seat cushion and changing the tilt angle. Its black leather upholstery provides a solid look and will add a special touch to your home or office design.

Since the model is really comfortable, heavy duty and offers a great support to muscles and bones, many reviewers have called it one of the best office chairs for lower back pain. In addition, the durable rugged dual-wheel casters provide smooth and soundless mobility which is an advantage in semi-enclosed workspace offices, large conference halls, or extent meeting rooms.

Space Sitting Professional Air Grid Eco Leather

professional office chair for back pain

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This fully adjustable chair decreases your back sweat with the help of the breathable mesh siding while its easy-to-operate one-touch adjustments can provide plenty of options for enhanced comfort and correct posture.

Those who consider this model to be a bit overpriced should pay attention to the construction quality of the chair. Unlike many cheap off-brand chairs, this one features high-quality plastic parts, heavy duty leather elements, reliable dual casters, and a well-made pneumatic lift mechanism.

PU Leather High Back Office Chair

office chair for back pain reviews

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This great model is among best office chairs for lower back pain due to its back size which is big enough to provide a firm support to the whole spine. This helps dramatically reduce the tension in the lumbar area and prevents muscles from overstrain even during prolonged sitting. The PU Office Chair is extremely comfortable while its leather upholstery and ample padding make it a reasonable choice for any office worker.

Its height can be adjusted by pneumatic gas lift while the lean back adjustment and comfy arm supports with top stitching will provide comfort to any posture. This office chair has got plenty of positive feedback from reviewers due to its exceptional ergonomics and fair price.

Boss Black Executive Leather Chair

top office chair for back pain

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You won’t be able to stay away from this beautiful NTR chair. It is upholstered in soft, durable oil and water resistant leather, and offers a great spinal support as well as a comfy neck rest. Additionally, it is equipped with the waterfall seat cushion design and the nicely padded round armrests for added softness. All these features make this model stand for one of the best office chairs for lower back pain.

Along with being extremely ergonomic, this piece of office furniture offers an exceptional design which will surely make your office interior more appealing and substantial. The height of the seat is adjusted by the gas lift while the front knob under the chair provides an easy tilt adjustment.

Serta Executive Office Chair

good office chair for back pain

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The Serta Executive can deservedly be called the synonym of quality, luxury, and taste for many reasons. It features a stylish design combined with premium quality durable microfiber offering a great sitting experience. Although the model looks quite impressive in size, its weight is only 34.5 pounds which are absolutely not bad for such a large office chair.

The multiple reviews of the Serta Executive are quite positive and praise the chair’s ergonomics and design greatly. Users especially note its large and comfortable pillow headrest as well as its exceptional lumbar area support. The rounded seat edge allows for a correct leg position which decreases the spinal pressure and makes this model one of the best office chairs for lower back pain.

Viva Office Modern Soft-Touch Task Chair

best office chair for back pain

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This awesome office chair has a very modern look and features a slim design of three cushions for the back support and one bottom seat cushion all made of premium quality durable black leather. The chair’s upholstery is stylishly combined with a chrome-coated metal frame which can nicely fit any office interior, especially if there are some black and steel accents in it.

Like most office chairs, this model operates on five caster wheels and can adjust its height by means of a gas lift as well as offers a comfy recliner stop to fix the lean-back position and one of the top rated ergonomic office chairs.

What Causes Lower Back Pain in Office Workers

back pain in lower backRecent research held in the US has shown that a great number of individuals acquire lower back pain due to work-related factors. Office workers whose daily routines imply little physical activity are among those at higher risk for the following reasons:

  • Long sitting periods.

    Although spending a day in a comfy office is not as dangerous as working as a firefighter, sitting at a computer for extended period of time may be quite risky as well. Sitting longer than half a work day at a desk may easily develop obesity, muscle and tendon problems, joint issues, etc. The negative effect of prolonged sitting can also be intensified by awkward postures caused by uncomfortable office furniture. That is probably why using some best office chairs for lower back pain to prevent muscle and spinal strain is so important.

  • Poor workplace ergonomics.

    While average office employees spend about 8-10 hours sitting at their working desks a day, ergonomic assessment of working surroundings can hardly be overestimated. Identifying the imbalances in your sitting posture as well as improving the ergonomics of your workplace is a highly efficient method of preventing lower back pain and dealing with its early symptoms.

  • Cultural distinctions.

    It may seem weird, but our whole culture is constantly encouraging us to sit. Whenever you want to make a visitor in your office comfortable, you would always invite him/her to sit before getting down to business. And it is hard to imagine a meeting or a presentation where the audience would not be sitting around a table or in front of a person who gives a speech.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the effects of improper and prolonged sitting causing terrible health effects. It is a complex of measures which include various improvements from using best office chairs for lower back pain to regular office workouts to exploiting treadmill desks and standing desks.

How to Avoid Back Pain at Work: Useful Tips

If you don’t want to contribute to the annual lower back pain related disability expenses (which make more than 100 billion dollars in the US alone), use some of the following strategies at your workplace to avoid possible long-term sicknesses caused by lower back pain symptoms:

  • Plan your working routines.

    Since experts do not advise to continuously sit more than 4-5 hours, make sure you stand up at work for at least 2-4 hours a day. For this reason, be ready to plan your working day so that some part of your duties could be performed while standing or walking.

  • Get more workouts.

    Although you won’t be able to install your bench press rack in your office or to bring your yoga ball with you, there are plenty of simple fitness workouts you can do while sitting at your desk as well as those you can perform while standing near the copy machine.

  • Improve workplace ergonomics.

    When designing worksite for your workers, it is important to remember that an improper sitting position implies plenty of limitations. Employers providing their workers with comfortable office chairs and desks can seriously reduce the risk of frustration, fatigue, and health problems in their stuff which finally contributes to the company’s bottom line.

In Conclusion

Fighting lower back pain at your desk may seem unimportant until you experience some serious health issues. Fortunately, it can be easily avoided by following some basic health expert recommendations as well as improving your workplace ergonomics with the best office chairs for lower back pain.

If you work in an office and spend most of your day sitting in front of a computer, adjusting your workstation may literally mean the difference between being healthy or not. Recent research has proven that lower back pain is one of the leading causes of long-term sickness and lost work days in many countries including the US and the UK.

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