Most Comfortable Office Chair to Create the Greatest Office Ever

Creating a great office is a complex task requiring some decent knowledge and expertise in many spheres including interior design, workstation ergonomics, and furniture arrangement techniques. Finding most comfortable office chair is one of the important factors to consider since an average office worker spends most of his or her day in a sedentary position.

While there might be various types of jobs to be done by employees, most of the activities are now performed in front of a computer which requires ergonomic desks, comfortable seats, and convenient environment. User-friendly workstations positively influence the working efficiency as well as can help your staff avoid multiple health risks caused by little physical activity.

Over the last decades, an average workstation has gone through hundreds of improvements due to various innovations. We now have a wide range of ergonomic furniture solutions both for home and office, which have been designed to enhance the quality of life as well as add to our overall health. Despite this fact, the rate of illnesses caused by inactive lifestyle does not seem to decrease dramatically.

The main reason for this is the information technology development allowing modern workers perform plenty of tasks online without the need of leaving their most comfortable office chairs. While some two decades ago you would have to run around the office in order to make a paper copy of a document, send and receive post, or deliver a report to your superior, you can now perform all these tasks by simply pushing a few buttons on your computer keyboard.

Although the modern workers are much more productive and can perform more functions than their predecessors, they also move less and spend more time in seated positions. Along with longer commute distances due to better developed modern infrastructures, the time we spend in sedentary poor movement postures sets up new challenges in ergonomic design and workstation arrangement.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of most Comfortable Office Chair
  2. Detailed review of most Comfortable Office Chair
  3. Being Ergonomic: the Importance of Having a Good Office Chair
  4.  Useful Tips for Choosing Most Comfortable Office Chair
  5. In conclusion

Comparison chart of most Comfortable Office Chair

Picture NameWeight capacityMaterialSeat heightPriceRating
Boss Office Products250 LBSUpholstered LeatherPlus Fabric20 - 23.5 inches$$$5.0
SPACE Seating 250 LBSEco Leather seat with mesh siding18-23 inches$$$$4.9
Serta 43670250 LBSMicrofiberNot Listed$$4.9
AmazonBasics250 LBSBonded Black Leather + PVC Upholstery20 inches$$4.8
BestOffice250 LBSPu Leather19 - 23 inches$$4.6
AmazonBasics Mid-Back225 LBS17.5-22 inches$$4.4
LexMod300 LBSMesh back and sponge seat covered with mesh fabric18-21 inches$$4.2
XtremepowerUS250 LBSLeather19 - 23 inches$$4.2
2xhome250 LBSLeather$$$4.0
Best Choice Products 260 LBSLeather18-21 inches$$3.7

Detailed review most comfortable office chair:

Boss NTR Executive Leather Chair

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This most comfortable office chair is upholstered with soft black top grain leather offers users lots of room as well as plenty of great adjustment features. It comes with five roller wheels, padded armrests, steel construction, a pneumatic gas seat lift, lumbar support, padded head rest, and what not. The chair also has a slight lean-back feature which allows you to tilt the chair back in addition to swiveling back and forth.

This very solid item feels like a real quality chair due to its heavy duty materials, premium design, a modern look, and excellent ergonomics.

Space Sitting Professional Air Grid Managers Chair Mid-Back

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The Space Professional introduces innovative sitting design at attractive price rates. Its subtle appearance is smartly combined with plenty of ergonomic solutions and adjustment features. The back of the seat is made of thin but durable mesh fabric allowing for improved back ventilation to decrease back sweat in stuffy environments.

The manager’s mid-back is surely one of the bestsellers within its category due to its great ergonomics, excellent performance, and stylish design. It provides solid lumbar support while the seat height and the pan depth adjustments allow for creating the most comfortable office chair. For additional ergonomics, the chair is equipped with adjustable armrests height. The weight capacity of 250 pounds allowing to accommodate larger individuals backed with the manufacturer’s limited life-term warranty, make this chair a great choice for both office and home use.

Serta Executive Office Chair, Microfiber

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If you’re seeking for innovation and quality to help you get through your tough working days, Serta Executive might be your best choice due to multiple factors. Not only does it offer a high level of ergonomics, great design, and absolutely astonishing orthopedic features, but it also comes at competitive rates to keep you on the budget.

The model features a wide seat pan with adjustable depth and tilt tension. Its ergonomics allow for improved hip support while its waterfall edge profile provides maximum comfort to the back of your knees while sitting. The top of the back is equipped with a wide soft neck support to keep your upper body relaxed and the bottom of the back offers a nicely curved lumbar support to fix your lower back firmly.

Reaching and operating the adjustment controls of this most comfortable office chair is intuitive and easy. Each of the five massive durable base legs features a double caster providing smooth motion on all types of surfaces.

Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Chair

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This really nice quality well-priced chair is great for all sorts of office environments including executive settings, executive conference rooms, meeting halls, and so on. The durable base and the frame come with a steel mimicking finish which adds a special touch and appeal to the item.

The seat is upholstered in black leather with nice stitching. The armrests are richly padded for added comfort. The overall style of the model is quite contemporary, although it will perfectly fit more classic environments as well.

The seat has a high back to fit practically any body type including big and tall while the nicely cushioned seating pan features a higher curve on its edge to prevent your legs from sliding.

Black PU Leather High Back Office Chair

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Those looking for the most comfortable office chair might want to consider the Black PU high-back office chair since this model offers plenty of great features as well as comes in a variety of colors including brown, white, and O15 black.

It has a hydraulic gas lift, well-cushioned comfortable armrests, a great lumbar support, and many more. Many users gave this model five stars as it is highly ergonomic, is made of durable materials, and its synthetic leather feels like real.

The weight capacity of 250 pounds allows this chair comfortably fitting big and tall while the wide range of seat height will ensure the most comfortable sitting posture. The seat size (20″(W) x 20″(D)) and the back dimensions (20″(W) x 28″(H)) provide plenty of space for average users and the 360 degrees swivel allows for moving around freely and therefore this chair is also in our list of big and tall office chairs.

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

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While this absolutely marvelous model from Amazon Basics weighs only 23.1 pounds it is quality made. It features premium materials as well as performs the functions of the most comfortable office chair. Like most models in this series, the mid-back mesh chair offers the most commonly used features such as the pneumatic gas lift for height adjustment, tilt angle control, and built-in lumbar support.

As the name implies, the back of the seat is made of thin breathable mesh for added back comfort and its nicely cushioned seat pan provides exceptional softness and ergonomics. Additionally, the model comes with the armrests. Though non-adjustable, they are ergonomically placed to fit practically any seating posture for individuals of all heights.

LexMod Edge Office Chair

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If you don’t want your office chair to ruin your life, consider getting one of the LexMode Edge office chairs coming in a vast variety of colors (black, blue, brown, gray, red, tan, white) and offering users the most commonly used adjustments such as the tilt tension and the height control.

For added comfort, the model is equipped with a specially designed plastic lumbar support which is situated behind the mesh fabric of the back. The latter provides great ventilation and is perfect for those who like leaning back in their chairs for hours.

Being Ergonomic: the Importance of Having a Good Office Chair

Despite the numerous health reports and plenty of clinic research held on hazardous impacts of prolonged sitting, not many realize the importance of having a good office chair. While the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration strongly recommends workers to follow the neutral body seated position requirements, lots of people either neglect or simply are not aware of such a reference.

However, even if you regularly try to keep a correct sitting posture, you may still end up with health problems if you don’t have the most comfortable office chair resulting in poor workstation ergonomics. Being ergonomic is not only about how you seat, but also about the type of the sitting equipment you use as well as about the quality of the materials used to manufacture it.

Depending on your choice, the office chair you spend most of your day on may either be your best friend or your worst foe. Here are the main reasons why having a good office chair is vital for your health:

  • You prevent multiple physical disorders.If you explore recent medical and ergonomic studies, you will find out that incorrect sitting postures caused by poor workstation ergonomics are increasing the risk of multiple ailments such as cardiovascular disease, lower back pain, poor digestion, repetitive headache, and many more. There’s plenty of evidence proving that many of the above-mentioned symptoms show high tendencies to turn into severe chronic diseases requiring serious medical treatment and long-lasting rehab procedures.
  • You improve your working efficiency.Since individual’s mental and physical health are inseparable, most orthopedic solutions have an indirect impact on our labor efficiency. This means ergonomic improvements can be cost-justified by decreasing the risks of depression, poor mood, and low work effectiveness.

Choosing Most Comfortable Office Chair: Useful Tips

When shopping for a comfortable office chair to help you get through your working routines without the risk of acquiring back pain or other issues caused by long-term sitting, getting the chair that would fit your personal body requirements is the highest priority. Although most of the items you will come across might be labeled as ‘ergonomic’, this doesn’t mean each of them can be the best option for you.

To ensure you get the best value for the money, checkup the following before you make your final buying decision:

  • Seat height adjustment.The seated height range allowing for maximum comfort and flexibility should include heights both higher and lower than your personal setting. For example, items with seated height range from 15’’to 22’’ will normally fit individuals with overall body height from 5’0’’ (average) to almost 6’4’’ (big and tall).When choosing the seat height adjustment, make sure you get a pneumatic cylinder which allows for fixing the seat pan in practically any height position while you’re sitting in the chair.
  • Seat pan size.The most comfortable office chair should provide you with the possibility to place your back and your legs ergonomically. This means the seat pan should provide at least one inch between the back of your knees and its edge as well as ensure the same amount of space between the side panels (if any) and your hips. To provide a proper lower back support, the user must lean his/her back against the seat which means the seat pan should be deep enough to sit all the way back.Some good office chairs, normally feature seat depth adjustments performed either by means of a seat slider allowing to slide the seat pan in or out while you’re seated or with the help of a mechanic knob allowing to move the back in and out while the seat pan remains fixed.
  • The adjustment controls.The levers and the knobs to control the chair’s adjustments come in a variety of forms and quantities. While some models might contain a separate lever for each function, others might have all of them controlled by only one lever. The choice of the adjustment controls of the most comfortable office chair is purely individual and depends on your personal ergonomics preferences.

In Conclusion

Getting the most comfortable office chair might seem a wasteful investment until you get your first medical treatment bill due to the health issues caused by wrong sitting postures. Not only you can seriously reduce the risk of work-related illnesses due to having ergonomic seating equipment, but you can also improve your labor efficiency and productivity at work.

Although active lifestyle, healthy food, and regular exercises are obligatory to keep fit, having some good office chair while you’re struggling through your working routines will surely add to your physical and mental health.

If you need a good back support for your office chair then check out my article of best back support for office chairs.

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