Best Big and Tall Office Chairs: Arranging a Comfortable Workplace

best big tall office chairs reviewTo be productive, the workers should feel comfortable regardless the work they do or the personal needs they have. If you’re choosing the furnishing for your office, getting the best big and tall office chairs as well as arranging the furniture for your workers implies creating the surroundings which would fit your employees and provide them with the top-quality workplaces.

Since working environment affects the way people actually perform, many advanced business owners have realized the importance of creating non-distracting, clutter-free, and non-messy spaces equipped with modern ergonomic furnishing leading to higher levels of productivity.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of top rated ergonomic office chairs for big and tall
  2. Detailed review of top rated ergonomic office chairs for big and tall
  3. Individually Designed Office Furniture
  4. Choosing Best Big and Tall Office Chairs
  5. In conclusion

Comparison Chart Of Top Rated Ergonomic Office Chairs for Big and Tall

PictureNameWeight capacityDimensions
(width x depth x height)
Flash Furniture WL-715MG-BK-GG400 LBS27 x 29.5 x 45.2 inches$$$5.0
HERCULES Series 400 lb400 LBS30 x 31 x 46 inches$$$$4.9
Serta 43506350 LBS27.25 x 29.5 x 47 inches$$4.9
OFM 811-LX500 LBS28.5 x 30.5 x 44.75 inches$$$$4.7
HERCULES Series 24/7500 LBS28 x 31 x 50 inches$$$$4.6
WorkPro(R) 7000 500 LBS22-7/16 x 21-1/4 x 40-15/16 inches$$$$4.5
HERCULES Series 500 lb500 LBS28.5 x 35 x 45 inches$$$$4.3
Alera Merix450 Series450LBS26.8 x 29.1 x 14.6 inches$$$$4.1
Flash Furniture Hercules Series400 LBS29 x 26 x 42.2 inches$$$$3.8
OIF 450 LBS29 x 24 x 44 inches$$3.8

Detailed Top Rated Ergonomic Office Chairs for Big and Tall Reviews

Flash Furniture Hercules Series 400-Pound Big/Tall

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This mid-back office chair features a fairly deep seat and an extra wide back to provide more space and additional comfort for large people. It has scored the highest rank and has deservedly been chosen by many customers among the best big and tall office chairs because of its weight capacity which makes 400 pounds coupled and a heavy duty five-pointed metal base with double plastic casters. These ensure it can withstand some extensive use as well as accommodate big and tall workers.

This swivel chair model features a wide seat (27’’ W x 29.5’’) with thickly padded cushion for added softness. Besides, the seat features and ergonomic curve to provide better side support. The height and the tilt angle in this model are traditionally adjusted by a gas lift and a mechanic knob.

Hercules Series 400 lbs. Leather Executive with Adjustable Arms

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The leather executive high-back series from Hercules offers a great big and tall office chair with the weight capacity of 400 pounds that is one of its multiple benefits. The chair’s ergonomics include a specially designed built-in lumbar support, nicely padded oversized height and width adjustable armrests, and a mechanism with a spring to control the tilt tension and angle.

If you are looking to buy the best big and tall office chairs, the Hercules chair can definitely offer a bit more than just a reliable multifunctional piece of gear. Its luxurious design and unique appearance will surely attract the attention of the visitors while you and your staff will benefit from its exceptional softness, improved comfort, and high ergonomics.

Serta 43506 Bonded Leather Big and Tall

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This model offers an impressive weight capacity which makes up to 350 pounds while the large back and a spacy seat will provide a lot of comfort to anyone who uses it including big and tall individuals. The top of the seat’s back provides an excellent support for your upper torso while its specially designed curve ensures a great lumbar support.

Along with the traditional gas lift and tilt control adjustments, you will also find a smartly placed knob on the side of the back to control the lumbar mechanism. The latter can go from min to max in order to fit your lower back profile in the best possible way. In addition, the wooden armrests with thick leather paddings provide a firm grip and a perfect support.

OFM 811-LX Avenger Series Chair

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The impressive weight capacity of the OFM 811-LX matches it with the best big and tall office chairs while its ergonomic design and heavy duty materials ensure durability combined with premium comfort and a great luxurious style. The faux leather upholstery can be easily cleaned and maintained while the durable five-star polymer base with casters allow for good stability. The seat cushion is quite thick and provides added comfort to the back of your legs due to its waterfall-like edge.

The ergonomic design of the chair combines a solid look of an executive chair with the functionality of decent office furniture.

Hercules Series 24/7 Intensive Use

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This absolutely astonishing high back office chair has been specially produced for big and tall. Its rugged design can withstand the load of 500 pounds while its multiple cushion layers will provide an exceptional comfort even to large people.

The advanced lumber support system combined with the tilt angle adjustment and the height control ensures a possibility to sit comfortably for practically any body type. All the adjustments are easy to operate so you can always get the most comfortable sitting or reclining position. Most large users prefer this item since it deservedly belongs to the best big and tall office chairs that is why office owners value its exceptional design.

Work Pro(R) 7000 Series Big Tall High-Back Chair

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If you look for a stylish heavy duty office chair for big and tall which would naturally fit a modern urban design, look no further than the Work Pro 7000 Series. This great heavy duty chair with 500 pounds of weight capacity is a real record-breaker in its category. Its levers are ergonomically placed and provide smooth but precise adjustments while mesh back and thick padded seat cushion combination offer an unforgettable sitting experience.

The metal frame of the chair is quite sturdy, reliable, and comparatively light which allows for improved mobility. If you’re used to spending a lot of time sitting at your work desk, you will surely value the well-ventilated back mesh decreasing your back sweat.

Hercules Series 500 lb. Capacity

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The impressive characteristics, as well as multiple positive customer reviews, serve to prove this model deserves to be on the list of the best big and tall office chairs. Like most Hercules office chairs, this one features luxurious leather upholstery with plenty of adjustments for better comfort and improved ergonomics.

Due to the massive dimensions, the chair conveys a solid impression of a reliable heavy duty office chair which can withstand long-term excessive use regardless the corporal weight of the workers who use it which seems logic when you consider its enormous weight capacity making up to 500 pounds.

Individually Designed Office Furniture

Accommodating larger folks in your office as well as providing them with the workstations they need might require a bit of individual approach when choosing the furnishing solution to your office. People weighing over 250 pounds and those who are taller than 6’4” will probably require higher desks and bigger chairs with enlarged weight capacity to feel comfortable while working.

People with the corporal weight of more than 250 pounds often need a wider seat with a thicker padding as well as require a wider range of seat height adjustment to provide maximum comfort for their legs. Most furniture for larger people, including the best big and tall office chairs, are heavy duty items equipped with durable fabrics, frames, bases, casters, and so on.

Whatever your conception of ‘normal’ is, the term ‘oversized’ office furniture for larger individuals literally means the items you’re looking for are meant to fit the natural needs of peopled who are simply taller or heavier. While the physical peculiarities usually do not influence their ability to work, the uncomfortable furniture may cause plenty of negative effects resulting in health issues and work efficiency decrease.

Choosing individually designed office furniture does not necessarily mean hiring an expensive designer to produce a hand-made piece of equipment. Fortunately, you can find plenty of ready solutions on the modern market which would fit your corporate style, your employees’ needs, and your budget. If you go on the Web, you’ll quickly find out that getting some good sitting office equipment that would provide comfort to big and tall people is not rocket science. However, make sure you know how to search for the best items.

Choosing Best Big and Tall Office Chairs 

While the selection of office chairs for big and tall is really impressive, finding the best options might be a bit confusing. If you decide to buy office chairs for larger people, here are the main things to bear in mind:

  • The weight capacity.
    The weight ratings of more than 300 pounds up to 500+ pounds are normally considered to fit large individuals. However, you may also find models with lower capacities, yet providing enough sitting space for big and tall.
  • The seat cushion’s size.
    Make sure the chairs you choose conform to some general sitting requirements, such as sufficient space for hips (1-2 inches at each side at least) and proper depth to provide correct leg position.
  • The seat back’s size.
    Similarly to the cushion, the back should be high and wide enough to enclose individuals’ torso dimensions and provide the needed lumbar, shoulder, and neck support.

In Conclusion

Office routines combined with the sedentary lifestyle is always a challenge to our minds and bodies. While continuous sitting is annoying and tiresome, it can be seriously harmful to our overall health too, especially if you are a big and tall person. Large people have certain needs, which means their workstations have to be properly adjusted to provide maximum comfort and relaxation options during a hard working day. For this reason, enriching your office furniture set with the best big and tall office chairs is a challenge that has to be taken seriously.

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