Top 7 Most Comfortable Mesh Office Chairs

There is a wide range of office chairs available on the market, which enables everyone to find the best item for their own needs. Whether it’s for an employee or for a person in an executive position, the ideal chair must possess some basic features. Such a vast variety of options can make a process of choosing the right model a bit hard. However, if you suppose that a mesh office chair might be perfect for you, this guide is to help you find it out.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison list of best comfortable mesh office chair
  2. Detailed review of best comfortable mesh office chair
  3. The pros and cons of a mesh office chair 
  4. Final words

Comparison Chart of Top 7 Most Comfortable Mesh Office Chairs

PictureNameWeight capacitySeat heightPriceRating
DXRacer200 LBS14.57 - 17.72 inches$$$$4.9
AmazonBasics Mid-Back225 Lbs17.5 - 22 inches$$4.7
Flash Furniture250 Lbs17.25 - 22 inches$4.5
Office StarNot listed18 - 23 inches$$$4.5
Duramont330 LbsNot listed$$$4.4
Lorell250 Lbs17 - 21 inches$$$4.3
BestOffice O12250 Lbs18 - 24 inches$4.2
LexMod Not listedNot listed$$$4.2
Techni Mobili220 LBS17 - 20 inches$$$4.2
VIVA OFFICE250 LbsNot listed$$$4.0

Detailed Review Of Top 7 Most Comfortable Mesh Office Chairs

1. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

mesh office chair

This mesh office chair made by AmazonBasics is a number one product due to the incredible comfort and efficiency it provides. Both the seat and the backrest are covered with a mesh, which prevents your back from sweating. The tilt lock knob allows for easy adjustment of the leaning angle. The chair by far has a sleek design so it would fit into any office interior.

According to the reviews, this model offers everything you may need. It seems to be strong, durable, and able to serve for a long time. People also confirm that it’s actually helpful in alleviating the back pain and muscle tension since the countered backrest provides exceptional support for your spine.

Look here for further details and the Amazon price.

2. Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair by Flash Furniture

best mesh office chair


This mesh office chair is one of the best options you can choose for its excellent balance between the price and the quality. Its heavy-duty nylon base covered with a breathable mesh makes it a highly durable and reliable product. The seat is fairly thick and firm but still keeps you relaxed and free from tension. The fire retardant foam is a good bonus to this item. Eventually, its contemporary appearance and good mobility make it a great bargain.

The reviewers like that the chair provides the full customization of its parameters – the seat height, the armrests, and the tilt can be adjusted to your personal needs. It’s also easily cleaned and requires little maintenance. Overall, it’s well worth the money.

To find out more about the Flash Furniture mesh chair, visit Amazon.

3. Professional AirGrid Managers Chair by Office Star

good mesh office chair

If you value extreme comfort and high quality when it comes to choosing pieces of furniture, this office chair will be ideal for you. It gives your back the necessary support and helps you keep your posture in an upright position. The seat is covered with a leather fabric in the center and with mesh light materials on each side. The chair is very simple to assemble and adjust to your size. Besides, it’s designed in a professional style and classic black color, which allows you to have it as an executive office chair of full value.

The majority of customers give positive feedbacks for this elegant item. They say it’s truly stylish and thus suitable for any office. It’s an ultimately ergonomic choice for the price.

Check out the price and specifications for this chair.

4. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels

comfortable mesh office chair

This wonderful product designed by Duramont is one of the best mesh chairs available on the market today. It’s ergonomic, efficient, and affordable. Made of the premium material, the padded armrests and seat will make you feel utterly comfortable while working in your chair. The upholstery is of high quality and durable so the permanent friction will not wear it out over time. It’s definitely a sturdy, well-constructed office chair.

The reviewers consider this item fairly reliable and helpful in dealing with back pain. They say that using this chair contributed to their health and reduced discomfort in lumbar area, neck, and legs too. After all, it’s a quite affordable solution for those who suffer pains.

Take a look at the Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair Specifications.

5. Lorell Executive High-Back Mesh Fabric Chair

high back mesh office chair

It’s a luxury-level product of superior quality from Lorell. It looks quite simple but stylish. The mesh backrest allows for air ventilation – one can especially feel its efficiency in summer. It has the waterfall edge shape seat, which ensures that you feel the relief of the pressure from your legs. It comes in few designs so that you’re able to pick the most suitable for yourself. The particular feature of this item is its padded armrests that can be adjusted not only in height but also in width.

According to the reviews, this chair doesn’t require a difficult assembly. The base is strong and solid while the wheels roll very smoothly, which means the chair is quite mobile. Besides, the chair looks elegant and prestigious so it will certainly fit into your office.

To learn more details and see the price, check Amazon.

6. Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair

mid back mesh office chair

This Desk Office chair looks very simple and can match any style preference and any budget. It offers a considerable quality for your money. The backrest covered with mesh improves your posture during the day and doesn’t allow your body to sweat. The material can be cleaned easily and quickly. Besides, there is a perfect balance between softness and firmness in terms of comfort of the seat. This is an excellent purchase at a reasonably low price.

The vast majority of the reviews are full of praise for the quality of this mesh office chair. They agree that despite its simple appearance, it’s a really solid and sturdy product, which will survive long-term use. In addition, the easy no tools required assembly is a bonus.

Look at the price and detailed characteristics of this mesh office chair on Amazon.

7. LexMod Attainment Office Chair with Black Mesh Brown and Leatherette Seat

comfortable mesh office chair

If you’re searching for an upscale and stylish chair, this one will be the best for you. It’s really efficient and reliable. It makes a great combination of a mesh back, which ensures the ventilation, and a supple leatherette seat, which provides a presentable design for the chair. This model looks more expensive than it is and thus creates the atmosphere of prestige in your office. It also provides good support for the most problematic areas such as the neck and the lower back.

The reviews make it visible that this wonderful item made by LexMod is well-built and will not break over time. The adjustability of the chair draws a lot of compliments too, especially the armrests that can flip up. It’s definitely a profitable offer for the price.

Check out the specification list for this item on Amazon.

The Pros and Cons of a Mesh Office Chair

Before making a decision to buy a certain item, you have to make sure you took into account all of its characteristics and considered all the strengths and weaknesses. The following is the list of advantages and disadvantages of owning a mesh office chair to help you make the right choice.


  • It allows for an adequate air circulation.
    This feature is what makes people prefer mesh to leather. A mesh office chair is made of a light, breathable material that ensures great ventilation to your body. Even in hot summer days, it can make you feel comfortable since your skin will be able to breathe.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.
    Having such chair, you will not need any professional treatment for it. The texture of the fabric enables you to easily remove the stains without devoting much time.
  • It has a compact size and mobility.
    Most leather and other material chairs weigh a lot and look really bulky while the mesh ones are smaller in size and rather mobile, which allows for their easy moving through the office.
  • It’s more efficient in terms of support.
    A backrest of a mesh chair is firm enough and conforms to your body contours, which guarantees an exceptional support to your neck, spine and lumbar area. This benefit will be particularly valuable for people who have a lot of typing and writing work within a day.
  • It’s a good quality for a comparatively low price.
    This is another common reason why people choose this type of office chairs. You are more likely to find an excellent mesh office chair for the same amount of money as a satisfactory leather one costs.


  • Not everyone considers it comfortable.
    Since a backrest of a mesh chair can’t have much padding, it doesn’t feel very soft or supple. Yet, this is an ambivalent question as it concerns your own perception.
  • It has fairly limited options for design.
    While leather products look truly elegant and contribute to the atmosphere of authority, mesh ones appear to be pretty simple and similar to each other. There is no wide range of styling or colors available for them.
  • It may be less durable than the chairs upholstered in other fabric.
    While some low-quality leather chairs tend to peel off after a long time of usage, this kind of material can become loose over time. Still, just like any other product, it can serve you for years if you use it carefully.

Final Word

There’s no doubt that every item has its strong and weak points. A mesh chair is a valuable alternative to a leather chair, although it has some weaknesses too. In order to make a reasonable decision, make sure to keep them in mind.

It’s obvious that for choosing a good item, you need to feel it and touch it yourself. Mesh chairs are becoming more and more popular so it won’t be a problem to find the one you like in a local store. However, you may freely shop online since most manufacturers provide a product guarantee that will ensure your right to return the inappropriate goods and get a full refund for them.

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