Top 7 Best Heavy Duty Office Chairs

good heavy duty office chairsSince office furniture is very important for office design and ergonomics, choosing some best heavy duty office chairs is one of the main factors to keep in mind when establishing a new office or considering a remodel. Some business owners overlook the importance of investing in high-quality heavy duty furniture that would provide durability and nice look. As a result, they go for typical mass office chairs which are usually not strong enough and can break too soon.

However, if you care for your employees and want to make a positive impression on your visitors, getting some good heavy duty office chairs is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, there are plenty of offers on the market so you can easily balance your office furniture needs and your budget.



Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best heavy duty office chairs
  2. Detailed review of best heavy duty office chairs
  3. Ergonomic Workstation Guidelines
  4. Handy Hints on How to Choose Best Heavy Duty Office Chairs
  5. In conclusion

Comparison chart of best Heavy Duty Office Chairs

PictureNameWeight capacityMaterialPriceRating
Serta Smart Layers400 LBSHand-sculpted upholstered arms and smooth bonded leather$$$$4.8
2xhome250 LBSPU Leather, Nylon Base$$4.7
Serta 45457 300 LBSPuresoft faux leather$$$$4.7
HERCULES Series400 LBSThick Fabric Waterfall Seat$$$$4.6
VIVA OFFICE Viva0728F1350 LBSMesh upholstered seat, High quality Nylon base and Nylon casters$$$$4.5
Comfort Products 60-5800T350 and 500 LBSBlack bonded leather upholstery$$$$4.5
Boss Office Products300 LBSDurable black crepe fabric$$$4.4
Boss B991-CP350 LBS$$$4.3
HERCULES Series 24/7500 LBS$$$4.0
Flash Furniture400 LBSbreathable mesh$$$3.8

Detailed review of best Heavy Duty Office Chairs:

Boss Heavy Duty Task Chair

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With an enlarged weight capacity of 300 lbs. this nicely designed mid-back office chair made of durable crepe is one of the best heavy duty office chairs in its category. Its fabric is resistant to harsh wear and tear conditions and the five-pointed metal base holds a reinforced spring mechanism to change the tilt angle for tension control while the reliable gas lift is strong enough to withstand long years of use.

The back seat offers an ergonomic curve for better lumbar support and the craftily padded armrests provide added comfort and relaxation. Most users recommend this well-constructed office chair for comfort and durability.

Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II Oversize Leather Chair

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This model features a real heavy duty office chair since it is made of durable materials while its weight capacity reaches incredible 500 lbs. However, that’s not the only advantage of the chair. It features an exceptional design with absolutely marvelous lumbar support, adaptive neck rest, and innovative seat cushion edge design for improved ergonomics.

The chair conforms to the BIFMA 5.11 office furniture testing requirements which means it can fit individuals having a corporal weight of over 253 pounds and up to 400 pounds which makes almost 96 percent of the US male adults. This is also one of the best office chairs for lower back pain.

Viva Office Upgraded Heavy Duty Office Chair

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This chair is rated as one of the best heavy duty office chairs due to its materials resistant to harsh wear and tear resulting in an extended weight capacity (350lbs.) and its overall size (32.8 x 26.5 x 14.5 inches). Like a professional piece of office equipment, this chair features height and tilt angle controls as well as offers its users adjustable armrests for added convenience.

The seat back is made of durable mesh providing great support and good ventilation to your upper body. The seat cushion is ergonomically curved and provides extra comfort for prolonged sitting. This is also one of the best ergonomic office chairs.

Hercules Series 400 lbs.

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This very comfortable high back chair offers great features such as adjustable support for lumbar area, mesh fabric for better back ventilation, and an enlarged weight capacity of about 400 lbs. The seat’s edge profile allows for proper ergonomics and decreases the tension in legs while the relaxing effect is amplified by adjustable armrests.

Although the chair is durable and reliable, its overall weight reaches only 46 pounds which are absolutely nothing for a chair with such an impressive weight capacity. If you are looking for best heavy duty office chairs, the Hercules might be the right choice for you.

Serta 45455 Smart Layers Commercial Series

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Available in brown and gray colors, this luxurious executive faux leather office chair is approved by the American Chiropractic Association. It features a revolutionary smart layers seating system for improved seating comfort and ergonomics. Additionally, the waterfall seat edge profile allows for better leg circulation decreasing the health risks of prolonged sitting. To customize positioning for correct posture, the model offers multiple options including the back height, the tilt, and the lift adjustments.

The high-quality durable materials used in this chair are backed up with the 10-year warranty which is one of the greatest features of this model. Besides, it can support up to 300 lbs. which makes it a real heavy duty item.

2 x Home Deluxe Professional PU Leather

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The Home Deluxe office leather chair features an ergonomic piece of office furniture with a nicely designed seat profile, great lumbar support, and durable upholstery. Like the majority of the best heavy duty office chairs, the Home Deluxe model offers enhanced weight capacity. Although the characteristics state it is limited to 250 pounds, many users state it can easily withstand larger capacities.

The chair is available in three different colors (black, brown, and white) and will easily fit both a classically designed, as well as a more modernistic interior.

Serta Smart Layers Premium Elite

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The ergonomic adjustments of this model, as well as its high-quality durable materials, have helped it to be highly ranked by hundreds of users. It offers an exceptional design coupled with innovations and recently developed technologies for improved sitting experience. Its smart multi-layered seat cushion as well as its generous size of 30.2 x 28 x 47.8 inches provide plenty of space and will fit practically any body type including large people.

With a 10-year warranty and 400 lbs. weight capacity, this brilliant model can be rightfully called one of the best heavy duty office chairs available on the market today.

Ergonomic Workstation Guidelines

While the US statistics reports an average adult to spend up to 70 percent of the day sitting at work, the need for improving the ergonomics of the workstation can hardly be overestimated for those having a sedentary lifestyle. To avoid muscle and skeletal disorders imposing significant health issues as well as impressive rehab costs, people and businesses in many countries are striving to develop proactive solutions.

Applying some best heavy duty office chairs to fight the negative outcomes of prolonged sitting is one of the effective methods of raising the overall health rates by improving the office workstation ergonomics. Here are some useful guidelines to follow if you want to make your office workstations more efficient and health-friendly:

  • The length of the sitting period.
    If the workstation is normally used by one person for an extended period of time, it is necessary to arrange its accessories to fit his or her body size and type. The more time individuals spend at their workstations the higher priority ergonomic issues will have.
  • Type of work.
    While evaluating reports or reading numerous e-mails from a client can be done in a reclining position, continuous typing or sketch drawing will require a totally different posture. For this reason, make sure your office furniture can fit the type of work your employees are doing.
  • The quality of the furniture.
    Since the recent US statistics claims almost 36 percent of adults are obese, getting some best heavy duty office chairs does not look too lavish. If you want to save on your office expenditures, buying some cheap furniture may not be the smartest strategy.

Creating an ergonomic arrangement is easier said than done. It is important to mind plenty of factors as well as take the slightest details into account. While an individual approach seems logic, on the one hand, the desire to conform to a corporate style imposes certain restrictions. That is why finding an equable solution may be quite challenging.

On the other hand, understanding the fact that labor efficiency is directly influenced by working conditions and workstation ergonomics may help many business owners improve their company’s bottom line. Therefore, many advanced managers readily invest into ergonomic solutions for their offices.

Heavy duty office chairs come in numerous styles, forms, colors, and types. The versatility of this kind of office furnishing available on the market is really impressive which means you can always find the best option for your office as long as you know how to look for decent heavy duty office equipment.

Handy Hints on How to Choose Best Heavy Duty Office Chairs

While some people spend more times in their office than anywhere else, it naturally becomes their second ‘home’ which calls for some prompt consideration when choosing the furniture for it. Here’s what you keep in mind when choosing the best heavy duty office seats:

  • Expensive does not mean the best.
    Although a quality product is hardly likely to cost peanuts, going for the most expensive items is not always the best idea. Each price category will offer items of various qualities including the best and the worst ones.
  • Functionality and comfort are the main priority.
    When trying to create a unique office interior to impress your clients, make sure you are not running mad after the appearance of your furniture by reducing its functionality and comfort.
  • The right chair size is important.
    Since any office chair has to allow an individual to sit comfortably, the good ergonomics implies providing the proper size which would fit his or her body features most efficiently.

In Conclusion

Choosing proper furniture for office is absolutely vital if you want to provide a good company image as well as supply some decent workstations to your employees. Investing in heavy duty office desks and chairs is justified by better efficiency, less work-related health issues, and happier workers.

When it comes to choosing heavy duty office chairs, there are plenty of details to consider. Fortunately, the market offers a wide selection of various models which would match the majority of design solutions and will fit most versatile budgets.

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