5 Top Pick Office Chair Cushions

Table Of Content:

  1. Optimizing your workstation with office chair cushions
  2. Comparison chart of best pick office chair cushions
  3. Detailed review of best pick office chair cushions
  4. How can office chair cushions improve your productivity
  5. Using office chair cushions to fit proper lower back support
  6. In conclusion

Optimizing Your Workstation with Office Chair Cushions

When it comes to improving your workplace ergonomics, there’s always plenty of room for perfection. The modern innovations offer a vast variety of means to make your daily routines in front of a computer less stressful and more productive. That’s why office chair cushions are frequently used by people who have a sedentary lifestyle.

Not only are these tiny items affordable and lightweight, they can significantly improve the chair you use by making it fit your natural curves for maximum comfort and convenience. Although the chair and the cushion are usually separate purchases, they will work in a team providing you with the needed level of ergonomics.

If the adjustments of the chair you use at home or at work do not allow you sit in a neutral posture, buying a new one is not always the best way out. Quite often, the problem can be solved by using an orthopedic sitting pad which can help relieve back pain by providing better lumbar support or make the seating pan softer due to thick soft foam.

With a chair cushion, you can always be sure of having a comfortable seat while occasional chair switching with one of your workmates will not be a problem anymore.

Comparison Chart Of Best Pick Office Chair Cushions

Everlasting Comfort 17 x 13.2 x 2.4 inches$$4.6
ComfiLife 17.7 x 14 x 2.8 inches$4.6
Aylio18 x 14 x 3.3 inches$$4.4
Cush Comfort17.9 x 14.2 x 2.8 inches$4.4
TravelMate19 x 17 x 3 inches$4.3
Kensington 8202414.5 x 13.5 x 2 inches$4.3
Xtreme Comforts17.9 x 13.4 x 3.1 inches$4.3
Comfy Cush18 x 14 x 3 inches$$4.3
TravelMate19 x 17 x 3 inches$4.2
Xtreme Comforts17.6 x 3.1 x 13.2 inches$4..2

Detailed Review 5 Top Pick Office Chair Cushions 

1. Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion for Lower Back

best office chair cushion

This model features a pillow made of nice thick foam that is firm so it holds its place as well as offers a great comfort even when sitting for a long period. Whether you use it in your car or in your office, the end of the wedge with a specially designed area for your coccyx going against the back of the seat ensures no tailbone pressure.

A very nice soft cover is made of durable velour and is removable if you need to wash it. The cushion puts you in a nice neutral position so you will feel you’re sitting upright without slouching down. Overall, it’s a very comfy cushion and it’s been recommended by many customers for long drives or extended sitting during the working days.

Go to Amazon for more details on this item.

2. Cush Comfort Non-Slip Memory Foam Seat Cushion

office chair cushion

Since it’s been medically proven that the excessive load on your tailbone increases the risk of lumbar pain, the Comfort non-slip memory seat pillow by Cush is one of the best office chair cushions since it provides an ergonomic shape as well as a coccyx area cut-out to decrease pressure in your bottom.

Due to the soft, strong, and non-slip fabric, the cushion does not slide off the chair and requires no repositioning even if you recline or lean forward. The velour cover is machine-washable while the premium memory foam inside of it ensures an even support and a proper weight distribution.

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3. Extra-Large TravelMate Seat Cushion 

cushion for office chair

If your office chair seat pan is deep and wide, choosing an oversized cushion by TravelMate could be the best solution for many good reasons. Its extra-large size of 19 x 17 x 3 inches will perfectly fit big and tall individuals while the enhanced memory foam ensures a better comfort and an extended durability.

The surface of the cushion is made of smooth suede-like microfiber fabric which blends well with the chair’s surface and prevents it from sliding out of place. For many users, it is also a great travel companion since the cushion perfectly fits most car seats. Read our post on most comfortable office chairs here.

See more product details on Amazon.

4. Kensington Memory Foam Seat Rest

cushion for chairs

Like most modern office chair cushions, this model by Kensington features a high-density foam seat pillow with the memory effect. It perfectly conforms to the contours of your body while its specially designed structure distributes the body weight evenly to decrease the pressure in the coccyx and allow you to sit longer before you get sore.

The non-slip fabric prevents the cushion from sliding around and its contoured front is supposed to keep your legs from getting circulation pinched off by going off the edge of the chair. It’s pretty big to handle a decent size chair and can also be attached to the back of the seat to be used as a backrest.

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5. Extreme Comforts Coccyx Orthopedic Foam Seat Cushion

multi use chair cushion

Whenever you feel uncomfortable when sitting for long periods or tired of finding comfort in your office chair, getting an orthopedic foam seat cushion by Extreme Comforts will provide superior comfort by ensuring the correct posture reducing the back pain and other possible health risks. Not only does this model provide a stylish sporty look, but it also offers an exceptional comfort in all sorts of environments including airplanes, trains, subways, cars, and offices.

The model has deservedly been ranked by many customers as one of the best office chair cushions due to its ergonomic design coupled with orthopedic effect and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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How Can Office Chair Cushions Improve Your Productivity

Many people believe the only thing they need to be productive at work is a quiet environment allowing to concentrate and focus on their tasks. However, even if you’re lucky to have your personal office not to be disturbed by noisy colleagues and office life, your productivity might still be in danger due to poor workstation ergonomics.

It has been scientifically proved that our mental abilities and our physical health are interconnected. In other words, the individuals’ performance significantly goes up if their working setting provides good ergonomics. And since most of the office work is done in a sedentary position, providing proper ergonomics literally means making your desk and your office seat as comfortable as possible.

People who use poor quality chairs tend to be more stressed, irritated, and are prone to attention disorders. The muscle tension and pain they experience negatively influence their concentration making them pay more attention to their physical discomfort instead of focusing on their assignments.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to improve your workstation ergonomics.  Using office chair cushions are the easiest and probably the most affordable way. Here’s how you can apply one of them to make your average chair better:

  • Place it on the seat pan.
    Although your office chair might have been soft when you bought it, with time, the padding could wear out causing an unpleasant discomfort to your bottom. In this case, the office chair pillow will add more softness and will provide proper ergonomics. Besides, you’ll have the chance to make your seat higher in case the seat’s adjustment cannot provide the desired height. This will decrease the tension in your legs.
  • Place it between your back and the seat.
    If the curve of your chair’s back is not enough to provide a natural support for your lower back, adding a chair pillow might be the right thing for you. Besides, some chairs’ adjustments may simply be not enough to provide the necessary support to your back. That’s why using some good office chair cushions may be quite effective. To provide a firm grip, make sure the cushion is equipped with a Velcro fastening.
  • Use it for your neck.
    Even if your office chair comes with a full-size back, it may still be inefficient for your neck support. In this situation, a pillow may help you avoid your neck muscle tension and stay more focused on your job.

Using Office Chair Cushions to Fit Proper Lower Back Support

Fitting lumbar cushions properly might be not easy especially if you change your sitting posture too often. To choose the right portable pillow, make sure you do the following:

  • Define your main activity.
    The choice of the pillow for lumbar support, as well as its application, will greatly depend on the type of job you’re doing most of the time when seated in your office chair. While a cushion should be placed between your back and the seat when typing or reading (a reclined posture), seat wedges are preferable in case you have to lean forward in order to write or draw.
  • Mind your height.
    When using office chair cushions, make sure they allow for natural posture. Check whether the seat is not too high after you’ve put a pillow on it so that your legs are placed naturally on the floor. Shorter people may correct the seat’s height by using footstools while big and tall should put the seat’s correspondent adjustment into the highest position.
  • Check the depth of your seat.
    To fit a proper lower back support, your spine has to be able to reach it at least. If your chair is too deep, make sure the pillow you use is thick enough to “fill in” the distance between your back and the chair. Read our best back supports for office chair.
  • Fit your lower back curves.
    Provide the needed ergonomic angle of your seat back and ensure a proper lumbar curve. These are the main factors influencing your spinal health. If possible, try several pillows before you make your purchase.

In Conclusion

Improper postures have been medically proven to cause physical disorders as well as reduce individuals’ productivity. While preventing any health issue including muscle strains or lower back pain is always much easier than treating a progressive ailment, creating an ergonomic workstation is of highest priority for those who spend most of their working day in a sedentary position.

When buying furniture for an office, the administrators will mostly aim at meeting the average ergonomic needs which means some workers will not be satisfied with the chairs they get. If your office chair adjustments are not enough to provide the desired level of comfort, using additional accessories such as orthopedic cushions might be a fast and affordable solution. Besides, you can always use one of those at home or while traveling.

Fortunately, the modern market offers a wide selection of orthopedic pillows and office chair cushions to improve your workstation, increase productivity, and prevent many illnesses. Here are also the best office chair carpet protectors and best office chair back supports.

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