Top 10 Desk Petite Office Chairs for Smaller Users

Choosing a Perfect Petite Office Chair for Small Stature

If you are shorter than most people, finding a petite office chair to meet your body ergonomics might be quite daunting. To avoid the frustration, many give up and prefer to get used to their office furniture despite the fact that it doesn’t suit their statures and provides little comfort.

Besides the discomfort and frustration, a chair that is significantly larger than your body frame may cause numerous health risks. There’s plenty of medical evidence proving that shorter individuals may be prone to musculoskeletal issues because of the oversized sitting equipment using unsuitable sitting equipment. In fact, poor furniture ergonomics will negatively influence individuals of all statures For this reason, improving your workstation is a serious challenge for people who regularly spend hours in a seated position.

Fortunately, the modern office chair market offers plenty of choice for petite individuals. Getting a piece of furniture that will suit your body frame is much easier now due to a whole selection of sitting equipment for smaller people. However, selecting the right chair requires a bit of knowledge as well as some customer review research.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best desk petite office chairs for smaller users
  2. Detailed review of top 5 desk petite office chairs for smaller users
  3. Sizing up the proper petite office chair
  4. The health risks of having a too large office chair
  5. In conclusion

Comparison chart of best desk petite office chairs for smaller users

PictureNameWeight capacitySeat heightPriceRating
Office Star Faux Leather Chair250 LbsNot listed$$$$4.7
BodyBilt J757x F1Not listedNot listed$$$$4.7
Flash Furniture250 Lbs24 inches$$4.7
Viva2319FNot listed17.7 - 20.9 inches$$4.6
Office Star250 Lbs17.75 inches$$$4.3
Alera Etros SeriesNot listed17.5 - 21.5 inches$$$4.3
BodyBilt J2406Not listed17.5 - 21.5 inches$$$$4.3
Officient CompactNot listed16 - 19 inches$$$4.0
Officient Direct Not listed18 - 20 inches$$$4.0
Indus150 LBS17 - 21.5 inches$$4.0

Detailed Review Of Top 5 Desk Petite Office Chairs for Smaller Users

1. Petite Low Height Computer Chair in Black Faux Leather with Padded Arms

best petite office chairs

This luxurious sleek look office chair for petite people comes at a rather competitive price and offers all the adjustments you can find in more expensive models. The chair features stylish faux leather seat and back with built-in lumbar support.

Along with the traditional height and tilt angle adjustments, you will also find the seat width and the lumbar support controls for added comfort and better ergonomics. The faux leader seat conforms to your body providing the personalized comfort that is so needed for a productive day of work.

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2. BodyBilt J757x F1 Vinyl Fabric Mid-Back Task Petite Stool

petite office chairs reviews

Not only is this great office chair made of premium quality materials, it also comes with plenty of ergonomic adjustments as well as offers a modernistic design. The characteristic that customers find most attractive about this model is the ability to change the size of the seat by pulling the armrests outward or pushing them inward to the desired width. This is easily done by loosening the two star-like knobs under the chair.

Along with the armrest adjustments, you will also find two levers to control the gas lift and to change the tilt angle of the seat pan. This petite office chair offers an exceptional comfort due to its great lumbar support while the ergonomically curved well-padded seat cushion encourages proper sitting postures.

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3. Mid-Back Mesh Swivel Task Chair With Triple Paddle Control

comfortable petite office chairs

When looking for an office chair for smaller stature, make sure you check up this nicely designed model offering a wide range of great features. Due to its multiple adjustments, it will perfectly fit individuals with the height starting from 5’1’’. Many customers use this petite office chair at home since it perfectly fits their older children and teenagers.

The ergonomic features of this model include the gas lift to control the height and the two mechanic levers to choose the seat pad angle and to change the position of the back. The mesh back of the chair is comfortable for long-term use and looks quite high-end. The armrests are adjustable which provides better ergonomics for those who type a lot and protects them against developing the tunnel syndrome.

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4. Viva Office Mid-Back Mesh Chair

good petite office chairs

Many customers have opted for this great model by Viva since it has all the characteristics of a great petite office chair. Due to the traditional gas lift, the overall height of the chair ranges from 33.9’’ to 37’’ which makes it a perfect seat for individuals who are 5’2’’ to 5 ’4’’ tall. When extended fully, the seat measures around 23 inches from the floor to the seat pad which can also suit an average body type.

The ergonomically curved back of the seat is made of durable mesh which helps to dispose of the excess heat to make your back sweat less. The tilt function allows for improved sitting posture while the comfortable armrests provide an excellent support for arms when typing or during other similar activities.

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5. Office Star Mesh Back & Seat Support Swivel/Tilt Chair

Since this model is designed to provide petite customers with ergonomic and efficient sitting equipment, many people who are rather short will consider it as a perfect solution for home or office. The chair features an adjustable seat depth, a pre-set tilt tension control, cool ergonomic armrests which can be repositioned, and a breathable back mesh for improved ventilation and hence its also one of the best mesh office chairs.

By allowing users to recline easily, the chair provides a possibility to define the best position depending on the type of work you’re doing while the ergonomically designed lumbar support offers a solid rest to your muscles. The contoured seat cushion coupled with the top quality fabric and waterfall edge help reduce tension in legs even during long seating sessions.

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Sizing up the Proper Petite Office Chairs

Statistically, the amount of people with non-standard body frames is comparatively not that high in general. This means office administrators will mainly base their office furniture choice on the average body size rates. And even if they take the non-standard body types into account, the preference is usually given to the heavy-duty equipment as it is considered to be more reliable and suitable for versatile uses.

As the result, the petite people will surely face the problem of poor sitting ergonomics leading to many unpleasant consequences. Since most chairs, including many adjustable models, are designed to fit the average body frame, a person who is shorter than 5’2’’ – 5’4’’ has high chances to get an oversized seat.

While your height and weight are the main factors influencing your choice when looking for the best petite office chair, make sure you also pay attention to the following details before you make your purchase:

  • The height adjustment.
    If the chair you want does not adjust so that to allow your feet rest flat on the floor, consider another model by all means.
  • The depth of the seat pan.
    While a properly fitting chair has to provide a seat cushion with at least two fingers width of space between its edge and the back of your ankles, make sure the model you want to buy is apt for it.
  • The seat pan tilt.
    In order to change your sitting postures without interrupting your sitting ergonomics, the seat pan tilt has to be adjustable.
  • The position of the backrest and arm support.
    Make sure your arms are not too far apart as well as are not placed too high. To provide comfortable sitting, your forearms have to be in a parallel position to the floor while the backrest of the chair has to support your lower back so that its curve fits your spinal curve as much as possible.
  • The position of the headrest.
    Either separately designed or as a well-cushioned part of the seat’s back, the headrest of your petite office chair has to provide comfortable support to your neck muscles. Similarly to the driving posture, the headrest (if any) should be positioned two inches or less from the rear of your head.

The Health Risks of Having a Too Large Office Chair

While taller or larger people would immediately feel the discomfort of sitting in a chair designed for an average body, petite individuals may mistakenly believe such a seat to be comfortable at first. With plenty of space on the seat pan, large backrest, and spacious supporters for arms, the chair might seem luxuriously large and cause no concerns. However, the risks of having a too large office chair are quite obvious and can lead to the following negative outcomes:

  • Circulatory problems.
    The seat pan which is too deep may cause to develop circulatory issues resulting in poor blood supply to your organs. As the result, by choosing an improper petite office chair, you may increase the risk of various diseases including the cardiovascular disease, breathing disorders, type 2 diabetes, and so on.
  • Muscle strain.
    The insufficient support to your legs, arms, back, and neck can lead to muscle strain resulting in a wide selection of musculoskeletal ailments such as lower back pain, tendonitis, ligament sprain, radial tunnel syndrome and many others.
  • Not only will a heavy and bulky office chair make you physically tired of using it every day, it can also influence your mental state making you less focused and prone to irritation and stress.

The health risks of an oversized office chair are quite versatile and depend on plenty of factors such as an individual’s overall health status, the amount of time he or she spends in a sedentary position, the type of work they do, etc. However, the importance of following ergonomic rules when arranging the workstation for petite people can hardly be overestimated.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re tall or short, the consequences of incorrect sitting posture are always the same. That’s why paying attention to the ergonomics of our workstations is absolutely vital if you care about your overall health. Finding proper sitting equipment that would fit the ergonomics of smaller statures requires getting some good petite office chair that can be adjusted in all possible ways. Not only will it help avoid numerous work-related health risks, but will also ensure better productivity and quality of everyday life. Also check out our review of best kneeling chairs and best big and tall office chairs.

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